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  1. by email, and the portal said "decision made - notification/email to follow"
  2. also rejected from u of s. gosh this hurtsssss - I really had high hopes
  3. Hey USask applicants, I emailed USask asking if all acceptances have been sent out already (because I haven't heard back yet like many of you), and I was told no, not all acceptances and rejections have been sent out yet. Here's hopinggggg we get an acceptance!
  4. anyone hear back from USask yet? :\
  5. has anyone that was waitlisted for Western's MPH hear back about an acceptance?
  6. well that's a pleasant thing to read on a Monday morning. I had high hopes for Guelph - guess not anymore.
  7. hey everyon, also got waitlisted at western. im surprised that so many of us got waitlisted. im going to TRY to not get my hopes up about getting an offer.
  8. Second rejection from McMaster's HRM program. :'( How do people brush it off and not let the rejections get them down? P.S - still waiting to hear from Guelph, USask and Western. (I'm expecting rejections anyway).
  9. Waterloo applicants, check Quest! Rejected though I expected this as I did not meet the admission criteria but was told by coordinator to apply anyway what a wasteee of money lol
  10. was this for the online program or on-campus version?
  11. I haven't heard back from Guelph either. I've been frantically checking WebAdvisor and my email every hour. :|
  12. ahhh! so lucky! congratulations! If you don't mind me asking, when did you submit your application to guelph?
  13. @WaxesPoetic also can't see your CV but I agree with @anxiousss . I'm not too sure how med school ratings work, but it seems that the NSERC in the BSc Chem/Biomed would definitely still add to your resume. It may seem unethical, but it is possible that you can change your mind in the case you hear back from UofT with an acceptance. It really isn't enough time to make an "informed" decision, so I'd say take the BSc option because it may also be possible that you don't get into MPH just yet. In the meantime, you'd be making/saving money with the RA position, and will show on your resume (for when you do apply to med school) that you've been committed to your research on aerogel. I'm sure a double degree will also look great to med schools? Hope that helps, and whatever you choose, I hope the path & effort pays off!
  14. me neither @MPH 2017. I thought they were only going to decide in April?
  15. Great, thanks @Tahnin & @crys07. Really hope they all reply, and sooon too!