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  1. Any info about HRM Msc at Mac?
  2. Without funding? I also would like to know...
  3. Yesterday I sent an email to the program, they said that the results of all applications to the program will be send out in mid-April.
  4. I am and international applicant. Just applied to one program in January And haven’t heard anything yet ( Health Research Methodology at Mcmaster) Just my application status Changed from ”incomplete” to ”complete” about 10 days. What do you think?
  5. Did anyone hear about MSc health research methodology @Mcmaster ?
  6. How competitive is the process for MSc in HRM at Mcmaster? How many spots are available each year? I applied in mid-January and have not received news so far....
  7. And what about MSc in health research methodology at Mcmaster ?
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