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  1. Not yet, have you? I'm hoping they'll send out some emails today or tomorrow tho..
  2. Just rejected my uAlberta offer last night (I accepted it a few weeks ago, but got an offer elsewhere recently), so someone on the wait list should get a spot!!
  3. Still didn't hear anything - no rejection, no acceptance! :/
  4. Same! Still didn't hear anything from them.. no rejection, acceptance or waitlist. And my status still says 'under review'.
  5. Thank you! Did they send you an e-mail to your regular email? The one you included on your profile? (sorry for all the questions!! I called them but they don't give any information about applications...)
  6. Yes, thanks for sharing! I still didn't get any emails from them. I just finished my 4 yrs honours BHSc with a 3.7 CGPA, 3.9 GPA. 3 publications, was co-chair of workshop and conferences for CSEB (the epidemiology and biostats society in canada), volunteer researcher at the hospital (CHEO), got a scholarship to conduct a research last year, finished my honours research project with an A... and the list goes on. Not sure what else they were looking for Hoping to hear from them soon...
  7. Congratulations!! Did your status change to accepted? And would you mind sharing your stats?
  8. Didn't hear back from U of T - no rejection, no acceptance. Anyone on the same situation? My application still says 'under review'.
  9. I spoke with the director at McGill and she was telling me how certain universities have a lot more opportunities when it comes to finding a practicum, which is one of the things that makes these programs distinct from others. They all may have equal value, but the opportunities you get out of each at the end of 2 years might differ as you're dependent on the established connections between your university and the work field.
  10. @neonlily @Barnmucker @Becca , agree 100% with what you've said I work with Stats Can and speaking based on what I was told from senior epidemiologists and others who work in the field. But for sure most of the MPH programs in Canada have a parallel structure to its curriculum! And like mentioned before, it really depends on your end goal - academia vs private sector vs public sector. They all look at your degree from a different angle.
  11. Received a conditional offer from uAlberta for their MPH program as well. Also got in McGill. Now waiting for U of T! For those who are unsure of which school to go, keep in mind that the university reputation MATTERS for a master, unlike an undergrad which doesn't matter where your degree is from. Amongst the top schools for public health/epi/biostats in Canada are: U of T, McGill, UBC, uAlberta, McMaster, Western (in this order). Secondly, look for funding opportunities and lastly, if you're between two programs - one offers a practicum, the other doesn't, go for the one with the practicum as it increases your chance of landing a job before you even graduate. Goodluck everyone waiting to hear back from u of T
  12. You have solid experience! But you should call the universities and ask for advice. Sometimes its because of your GPA - if you don't make the cut off, they won't even look at the rest of your app regardless if you're an undergrad student or a doctor. Goodluck!
  13. Anyone here on McGill MSc Epi waiting list?? I got in MSc Public Health, but wait listed for Epi stream. And u of T apparently won't start getting back until mid april/early may. As you may have noticed tho, they receive a lot more applications compared to other schools, so its very competitive.
  14. Ya, MSc Epi!
  15. I checked bear tracks and mine says 'decision pending', but I had a few profs contact me to be my supervisor. Does that mean I got in?