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    DPhil in Social Intervention
  1. Yeah I will definitely let you know as well! Oh no that sounds weird!! Maybe they didn't receive as many applications as they expected by the November deadline? Idk but glad you figured it out! Let's keep in touch and hope we will all get the good results!
  2. Yeah you too! Let me know when you get your result! Finger crossed!
  3. No this is the only program I applied for lol... Edinburgh sounds great! I heard that UK universities do not usually offer fully-funded scholarships so that's why I am planning to apply for multiple fundings if I get in.. Oh my...
  4. Yeah I am planning to apply for external funding resources but anyways I still need to wait until the result comes out and decide...did you apply for other programs?
  5. Ohhhhh noooo I hate the wait :((( Yeah I guess you are right...hopefully next week we can hear back from them. This is slowing down my scholarship application as well (in case I got in)....
  6. Hey did you hear anything back? I am still waiting!!
  7. Hope so! Yeah we will know it soon! Keep me posted! Good luckkk!!
  8. I see! Maybe they changed their admission policy this year lol...anyways thanks for replying and good luck with your application!
  9. Hey friend thanks so much for replying! I did e-mail a potential supervisor before submitting the application and she said I can list her as the secondary supervisor as she is not a permanent staff at DSPI....Anyways hopefully the result will come out soon! I am so done with the wait haha!
  10. Hi there! I applied for the DPhil Social Intervention and still haven't heard anything back yet. Would you mind sharing if you have your master degree from DSPI? From what I know is that applicants who hold their master degrees from the department might not be asked to go through the process so I am wondering what your background is... As I mentioned in the reply to @plankton890 , I do not have a master from the department and I'm not sure if the no response indicates a rejection letter or not...
  11. Hey! I went back to the post and found that you did your master degree in the department, so I am wondering did you hear from people who also hold their master degree in the department (and applied for the program as well) say that the interviews are not required since the faculty has already known them? Or did you get this info from successful applicants from other universities? I got a chance to email two DPhill students who both finished their master degrees at DSPI and they told me they were not asked to have the interview since the supervisor had already known them...I am a bit worry about this since I am not holding a master from the department and don't know if it has to do with the interview process...
  12. You too!
  13. Good to know! Yeah it is said that we can expect the results come around 8-10 weeks after the deadline, which is coming soon! Hope we can get the results by the end of this month...Anyway fingers crossed! No news is good news lol
  14. Hey same here! I have applied for the same program by the January deadline and haven't heard anything... I emailed the admission office and asked them about the interview timeline for shortlisted candidates on Feb 10th and the person said that they couldn't guarantee the timings at that moment. Did your supervisor talk about anything about the interview process? It seems like the interview is required on the department website but I am kind of confused as people also say sometimes it is not if your supervisor has already know you...