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  1. Thanks for letting me know! I don't live in Alberta either, so that could account for a bit of the lag time
  2. I have not. Very strange.
  3. For members who were accepted to UofA, did you all have interviews? I was never contacted for one, but received an offer of admission and I am now starting to get concerned that maybe I missed an email or something!
  4. I don't know when the final decisions are made for UVic, but the deadline for accepting the first round of offers was on Tuesday. I don't know if that helps
  5. Does anyone have any insight into the UofA program or the university in general? I'm leaning towards it, but I would love to hear everyone's opinions.
  6. I just wanted to update again, I was accepted to UofA's Health Promotion program today
  7. Thanks mph000!
  8. Has anyone just heard nothing from UofA? I haven't received an acceptance, wait list or rejection email and I'm starting to worry a bit - I applied to Health Promotion.
  9. Just wanted to let everyone know that I also heard back from UVic's program. Good luck to anyone still waiting!
  10. I applied to UBC and was rejected with the equivalent of a 3.9/4 GPA in my 300/400 level classes. I know I had really strong reference letters, but not so strong extra curriculars (no research but I do a lot of "front line" health care volunteering). I guess my ECs must have done me in, I'm very disappointed
  11. I also haven't received anything from UBC waiting2hear. I'm curious as to what this means.
  12. Me neither, and I also applied to UVic.
  13. Oh my gosh, this made my heart skip a beat. March 1st is so close!