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  1. I messaged you!
  2. If I were to do it again, I would have spent the time I did studying for the GRE (and the money) on taking a distance ed stats course and getting an amazing grade in it. If you are certain you are only going to apply for Canadian schools, I wouldnt bother. I got great GRE scores (168V 166Q) and did not get into most of the schools I applied to. The feedback I was given was lack of undergrad stats. I got a 98% in graduate biostats last term (too late to submit the grades with my application). If I could do it again, I would have focussed on that.
  3. Same email! I accepted another offer. Oh well!
  4. Hey folks, Heard today that I am wait-listed at U of T for Health Promotion. Those accepted don't have to accept or decline until mid-May. Good luck to those still waiting, and congrats to those accepted!
  5. I have a freind who has been accepted there for Fall 2012 - i think she found out a couple of weeks ago.
  6. absolutely I would go, but would go in the states/UK if money was not an issue.
  7. Congrats epi2012!!!! Montrealer I was told when I emailed the admissions folks several months ago that All candidates were considered in one pool (irrespective of choice of stream). I'm hoping that that is true ( or I would have applied to a different stream!), but it does seem like only Global Health applicants have heard back, so who knows. Good luck though!
  8. Got an email
  9. Well I got rejected from SFU - Global Health. Im quite bummed out about it, and to be honest, a little but suprised. I had emailed a long way back to make sure I shouldn't have also applied to the population health stream (I have no international experience, I just want to start doing Global Health), and was told applications are not differentiated based on preferred stream. I REALLY hope that was the case, and I didn't shoot myself in the foot by applying to the wrong section. Oh well! One acceptance, one rejection, two more to go!
  10. I'm not sure anyone else here applied to the program, but I got into the Univeristy of Manitoba MPH this morning!
  11. social and behavioral. Mid-April????!!! That is so far away! And so long after every other school requires you to accept/reject.
  12. I had to send a paper copy of a reference to Dalla Lana, as the prof didnt use an academic email. I got an email letting me know it was received. otherwise nothing! SGS still says 'under reveiw'. I suspec we will be waiting awhile.
  13. Wow congrats Dr. P! Whats your background? Is UBC a top pick? Hopefully this mens more of us will start to get some results in the near future...
  14. Seriously, right? The wait is just getting longer and longer. Can't even one school start making decisions early?!
  15. Me! It seems like Canadian schools let people know much later then American. It seems particularily cruel, in light of Feburary already being an intolerable month up where I live.