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  1. Got my interview invitation a few hours ago. Good luck everyone!
  2. Has anyone else here built a personal website, or established some sort of online presence, for the purpose of improving your application? How do you think it helped your application? (For example wordpress.com, about.me, LinkedIn, Google+) I built a website on wordpress which served as a sort of portfolio for my work which discussed my research and extracurricular experiences in more detail than I could on my resume, and included samples of papers I've written.
  3. No I'm in Buffalo, New York. I'll most likely be moving over there sometime in early July to get a start on research. You?
  4. I'm starting this Fall in ECE. Anyone else around?
  5. Ignore funding for a minute and decide on which school you'd pick if funding wasn't an issue. Then call that professor up and tell him you'd love to work with him but you have some concerns about funding and these other schools are offering you higher amounts of money. I was able to pretty easily get my top choice to match the offer from my secondary choice just by asking nicely.
  6. I've been accepted to two grad schools I want to attend and have pretty much decided on the one school but I'm still anxious about making the final move and going for it! Will someone just accept it for me lol! Anyone else feel like this when making their decision?
  7. I'm in a similar situation as well. I got an offer to work with a professor at UCSB who's work I find very exciting and an offer to work with a professor at Northwestern who I don't find as exciting. Northwestern's offering me a bit more money so parents think it's definitely the best option, but I'm pretty set on UCSB since I find their work to be much more interesting. Parents think this is a huge mistake and that I should go with Northwestern. I think it's mostly because they want me to be somewhat close to home. Any suggestions for dealing with this situation?
  8. NU is offering me 200$ more per month and also has a lower cost of living. SB is also much farther away from my friends and family which would make life more complicated. However, SB is much more in line with my interests and I find the research much more interesting. Do you think this is a justifiable reason to attend or should I go to the school that offers me more money? Thanks!
  9. I visited Santa Barbara last month and my god that place is gorgeous. I'm trying to leave weather out of the decision making process though since that's not the best reason to choose a grad school, although I would love to no longer have to deal with cold winters. I'd still like to keep academia open as an option, in which case UCSB would be the better option. I'll have both theory and experimental experience in both cases, but UCSB will lean more towards theory and NU will lean more towards experiment. I chose the Solid State Physics & Photonics Track. I had a professor email me last week asking to talk on the phone. I recommend taking initiative and trying to set up an interview with the professors you're interested in working with at NU. Over there professors make the admissions decision, not a committee, so you should talk to them directly.
  10. I've been accepted to both Santa Barbara and Northwestern for EE, could go either way on both right now. In both schools the faculty member I would be working with are approximately equal in terms of accomplishments, although the NU professor is slightly ahead. SB is ranked #16 and NU is ranked #31. I'm interested in doing some work on the materials side in both schools, which are tied for #2 in materials. I'm leaning towards SB because is strong faculty, record of entrepreneurship, and relatively close proximity to Silicon Valley. In SB I'd be doing more theoretical work which I'd definitely be interested in, but am somewhat concerned about job opportunities afterwards. In NU I'd be doing very experimental work and am very attracted to its strong business school, who I'd like to collaborate with in my entrepreneurial ventures. Any advice?
  11. I haven't but I suppose it can't hurt to ask. The upper limited is clearly stated as the maximum but maybe they'll be flexible. I'm not quite international, I'm just on the other side of the country and after two layovers the total flight length ends up being 12 hours.
  12. I haven't heard from other programs yet. Money's not super tight right now but at the same time I don't want to unnecessarily spend money, since it might be when I start grad school. I could attend if I could justify investing the money. Another option would be waiting to see if another school in the area (Stanford, Berkeley) fund my trip to visit their schools, and I could spend a bit to visit UCSB while I'm out there.
  13. Hello, I was invited to attend an interview/recruitment event, however they are only reimbursing a portion of the flight, leaving me to pay for around $500 myself. I've already been admitted, with no news on funding however. Right now I'm reaching out to professors through email trying to set up phone calls to discuss a potential RA position. Do you think it's worth flying out there and meeting with professors in person? It's a decent amount of money and going on a ~12 hour flight back and forth wouldn't be a particularly enjoyable experience, so I'm sort of leaning against it, but it's a fantastic school and I would love to earn my PhD there. Thanks!
  14. Thanks. If I were to apply to an EE program instead, which would be better aligned with my research, how do you think I would fair? I'm having a tough time deciding whether to go into Applied Math with a focus on engineering, or EE with a focus on the math side of things and could pretty much go either way right now.
  15. Hello, I took the GRE a few weeks ago and got V158/Q159/A5. I'm aiming for Top 10 schools in Applied Math. Think it's worth retaking? Or should I focus on getting strong LoR's and writing a good Statement of Purpose instead? I have a 3.77 GPA in Electrical Engineering, with minors in Math and Physics, from a Top 50 state school. I've got some decent research experience. I was first author on a conference paper and co-authored a research grant proposal (for $110k). I worked at a national lab this summer and co-authored a paper which is being submitted as an invited paper. The results of my research are being presented at a large international conference. I'm expecting to have three excellent recommendation letters. Thanks!
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