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  1. Sury

    Can I reapply?

    Thank you JungWild&Free. Yah I am looking deeper to my choices to get a better overview of where I could better find the professors whit the relevant research interests for me. When you say that, do you think I should contact the schools i applied for and ask them why I wasn't admitted?
  2. Hello all, So I didn't receive any positive response from my applications for this year's round. I was applying for a PhD program in the strategic management field and I believe that most likely my profile was too weak for be accepted. I decided to strengthen my profile and reapply for next years admission, however I was wondering if i would be wise enough for me to reapply for the same universities? Should I ask the same professors who recommend me this year to write a recommendation letter again? Thanks Sury
  3. Hello folks, I am completing my application for a PhD program at UC Berkeley and I would like to clarify one thing. There is a tab for the faculty and research interests and I am wondering how I should formulate the text? I made it a short text explaining briefly my research interests and who interests me. I was wondering if I should mention a particular work of that professor? Should I extend it more on why I would like to work with a specific professor or more on my research interests? Thanks
  4. I think you should use the personal history statement to demonstrate which experiences in your life impacted ur decision of pursuing an higher degree. I don't particularly agree that only the socio-economic position or challenges you faced are the reaons you would like to pursue an higher degree. For example if you have had an experience as a volunteer, maybe you have has experienced something that motivated you to pursue the degree.
  5. Yap I am using Times New Roman. (But haven't included my header yer so maybe it might be a bit more than 1&1/2 page)
  6. I have around 600 words and it's 1 and 1/2 page (12 pt, single spaced)
  7. I agree with you and I think I am going to stick with the university guidelines.
  8. Thank you so much. I just added a phrase about it as i said to explain how I was introduced to the topic of my research and to the academic worls. Please have a look: My passion for this issue has multiple sources –my curiosity on this topic, the fact that I belong to a ___________ and the experiences I had during my childhood. As a daughter of a retired professor of economics, I early experienced interaction with academic environment, which drove me to be a research-oriented person. What do you think?
  9. I am also worried about that, I tried to write in at least 650 words and used the formatting they asked for. So I ended up with 1 and 1/2 page however, I would like to add some more things since I feel that my SOP is too direct
  10. Thank you for your comments. I do agree with both and I am very scared of using my childhood in my SOP. The only reason why I decided to use is to explain where my passion and contact with the academic interests starts. I am a daughter of a retired professor of economics and he used to get me involved in his research what justifies my passion to research. But at same time I am kinda scared that they will assume that I am doing a PhD because I am being pressured to do (which is not at all the case). Should I still remove it?
  11. Guys, I need some help urgently please!!! I am tired of changing the first paragraph of my sop (more than 100 times) to get the hook. The UCB gives this recommendation for the first paragraph: Give a brief introduction to yourself. State what sparked your interest in pursuing graduate school, and what you wish to study. I started my SOP with a short explanation of my experience as a childhood that introduced me to the research field (my father was a professor of economics) and finnally I moved to the second paragraph where I addressed the research topic I would like to study and why I n
  12. Thank you BearCat1for your advices. I agree with you and I wanted to include more information about my research experience however I was concerned because I read some people saying that you shouldn't add too much information for the first email (the first email should be short)?
  13. Dear all, I have seen multiple treads on this. However it's still not clear for me how you should write the email contacting a Professor. Some say you should mention your grades and GRE but I have seen multiple articles saying that it's something you shouldn't do. I came up with a template can you help me to improve it? Dear Prof. XXXX , My name is XXXX and I am applying to the PhD program in [subject] at [University] for fall [Year]. After reviewing the faculty profile I was drawn to your work and current research interests. I have long been interested in the [XXX]. [WHY THIS ARE
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