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  1. Oh my, folks. I'm in the same road and haven't received any news from any school, which I am assuming is bad news as most schools are already interviewing. I have been heavily panicking since yesterday, feel like I'm getting 4 no's out of 4 (Berkeley, UCLA, Michigan and CMU). Anything that might rekindle any notion of hope?
  2. Well, I wrote to the Assistant Dean at Goldman asking to be considered in case any funds are available after the decisions deadline. She replied that they wouldn't know until May and that she will let me know in case there is an opportunity. I think she was pretty nice and didn't close the door, but made it clear that it is a long shot.
  3. MPP at Goldman, starting this fall !
  4. I'm in, no money. Not going. I have to make a decision with my head and not with my heart. California, here we come !
  5. I hope they are writing me a letter so thorough that it justifies the whole agony waiting.
  6. Before your post, I thought I was the only person left in the planet without a notification from SIPA.
  7. That means there's still hope. Is there an additional benefit from being IFP?
  8. I'm starting to doubt if they even have my application, heh
  9. Exactly the same happened to me. I'm MPA too, with little hope left.
  10. They made a mistake when reviewing my application and it said there was a missing document. It took 1 month a 23 days for them to answer the many mails I sent them, and the answer was a laconic "We will amend this on your application", no named signature, no greeting, nothing. Conversely, I had problems with both of my applications to Wagner and Goldman and they responded my email within hours, and in a very warm and friendly manner.
  11. Apparently most people have heard from the MIA. There is only one result for the MPA in the database. Seems like we'll have to wait.
  12. Looks like I'm the only one left, which basically destroys all possible hope to get in.
  13. Thank you. I have nothing yet. I'm all stressed out already, heh, even with what I said before, the result from SIPA finishes an admissions cycle that has had 95% of my attention for the past 9 months, and the drive of my efforts since many many years ago, so it's still a big deal to just know how it works out.
  14. Did you get an email or just checked the website? I'm MPA, though.
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