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  1. Could you please tell me which MS you are come from?
  2. I'm an International student and my English writing ability is not good... I never wrote English papers. When a POI asked me to give her a writing sample, I translated one of my papers into English. I spent a lot of time on it (it's 20+ pages), but I think it only showed to her that my writing ability is bad.. Maybe next time I should write a brief writing sample so that I can let someone help me revise it... But I am not sure what kind of articles I should submit. I think academic papers are always long.
  3. But SOP is the article having been revised by other people... So I think SOP cannot show the real ability of a writer...
  4. I know writing ability is extremely important to students in research oriented graduate programs and professors always think highly of it. But why many programs stated that they select candidates based on scores of V and Q? Why they don't mention AW? With 3.0 AW, I am worried if I can get admission, although my V and Q are good. It seems that different people have different opinions about the importance of AW....
  5. Could you please tell me which CSU have you attended?
  6. Thanks very much. These suggestions are really helpful. My past research experiences have nothing to do with the field I'd like to pursue in masters program. They just strengh my research skills and make me more familar with psychology research in general. So I only use this as a link between them and the reasons for pursuing graduate study: "With the accumulation of relevant experiences in psychology, many tentative ideas sparked in my mind, but I could not verify them due to the limitations of my current knowledge. I am looking forward to graduate education. " I'd like to know whether this
  7. A school describes the requirement for statement of purpose like this: Write a statement composed in your own words describing your career plans and the reasons you wish to pursue graduate study. I am wondering whether it is appropriate to spend nearly half of my SOP on describing my past research experiences. I am applying to masters programs. If I only keep the part relevant to the requirement, my essay would be very short. Thanks in advance for your help!
  8. Anyone know these schools? such as Fullerton, Long Beach, Northridge... I read on their websites that the psychological research MA/MS programs in these schools have excellent record of placing graduates in top PhDs, like Yale, UCLA, Stanford..... a list including many top schools... Are the masters programs in these california state universities really so good that many students can get admission to top PhDs? I also noticed that almost all students enrolled last year in Fullerton are from universities at California. Whether it is very hard for International students to be admitted in thes
  9. When filling in a sheet required by the department, there is a blank like this: Special Skills Background (comp. programming, teaching/research experience, electronics): I am wondering if this is the right place I can describe my research experiences. In addition, is the employment blank the place I should describe work experiences, but not research experiences?
  10. I'm a student from China. My SOP is for master in general/experimental psychology. My SOP has been resived by essayedge, but the editor made so few changes and she didn't purpose any useful advice. Thanks for your advice! Seeking a fulfilling and exciting life, I aim to pursue an academic career in psychology. In college, I acquired a broad knowledge scope of psychology. However, I gradually understood that I should not confine myself to or rehash the existing theories of others, but instead to further the current body of research and to make significant contribution to psychology. I
  11. Thanks, your suggestions are really helpful! Most programs I apply adopt mentorship model, while I prefer to working with various faculty members to shape my interests... I guess I have understood how to mention research interests with the help of you guys!
  12. I'll send emails for more information Describing how my research interests fit with those of the faculty is so difficult for me. When trying to mention their research in limited words, I often found their own summaries on the website is more useful, although they are usually fairly uncompleted...
  13. Thanks for your advice. But I still have some puzzles. I read some articles of the faculty but I could not summarize exact themes of their work. Usually I found the themes they summarized are more applicable. If I have sent e-mail to one of the faculty asking whether he would recruite new candidates and got a affirmative reply, then is it impolite to send e-mails to others in the department? I want to mention 2 or 3 other persons since their research directions all interest me, but I'm not sure whether they will continue these directions and whether asking their future directions is suitable
  14. Thanks for your advice. I do apply to programs in which some faculty's research directions attract me and I'll only mention directions really fascinating me. What I feel confusing is the way to mention them. I do not hold certain interests, if I do, then I can seek connections with the faculty. But the fact is I can only read the website and some articles of the faculty and select from THEIR interests which I feel fascinating. And I dont know whether it is appropriate to do so...
  15. I know I should tailor my interests to those of faculty. But to what extent is appropriate? I'm applying MA in general experimental psychology and not ensure as my interests. Is selecting research interests faculty listed in the website and writing them in my SOP suitable? Would it be regarded as artificial? And whether mentioning interests not holded by any of the faculty would be regarded as not fit? Thanks in advance for your help!
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