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  1. I am about to finish my first semester of grad school. I feel like it has FLOWN by already. I definitely think the anxiety of the unknown has been the worst, plus I took a year off so getting back into school mode... I'm still working on. Also trying to figure out how to manage my time (big procrastinator) My anxiety now is that I won't remember all the information from all these classes. SO much information in such short periods of time. What helped you study to retain information the best? Did you ever feel like you didn't remember it all? (It gives me anxiety because I feel like we have to know it all, but in reality we DON'T we are always able to reference back) What population do you want to work with? Also if you could have done anything differently what would you have done- if you haven't already answered this. And was it all worth it? Where is your CFY? How did you pass/study for comps and praxis?! So excited that I came across your blog! Will definitely be adding it to my favorites page.
  2. TWU is awesome I am loving Denton. I am actually starting classes tomorrow. I have moved into an apartment for the summer but am hoping to find a house in the fall but don't really have roommates yet. Did you your decision yet?
  3. Well hmm, I just got the word that I will be starting in June, I am super nervous. Did you go to TWU for undergrad? I have tried searching for the facebook group and have yet to find anything or hear any information further than when I will be starting! ...patiently waiting.
  4. awesome, yay! I haven't found anyone else yet who is attending TWU And I was hoping to before we start... do you know anyone else?
  5. Where is the best place to live in Denton for a student does anyone have any recommendations? I am attending TWU which is 5 minutes from UNT and trying to find housing!
  6. Anyone attending TWU in the Summer or Fall or know of anyone who does? I just accepted my offer today, I am super excited!!
  7. ugh well I just got my rejection letter. Annoyed because I don't really understand why I thought the interview went decently well... but anyways. On to the next one!!!!!!
  8. Just had my interview with WTX and it was general too, I thought it went good but I can't remember what I said I was so nervous!!
  9. Hope your interview went great @TwinGuy7 mine is tomorrow and I am nervoussss!!
  10. I am super nervous because a few schools are saying they haven't received a letter of recommendation but the people who wrote them for me said they sent, and some of the schools they have sent them to got them. I wonder if it's just because the schools have received so much mail it hasn't been sorted yet? Either way I am super nervous because they were all due Feb 1!!
  11. I am interviewing next week. I had a friend who interviewed Monday so, I heard there is a lot of interviews being given out something around 100, so I am sure you will be getting a call soon! I need to start preparing... NOW!
  12. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Being waitlisted sucked for me honestly, I was constantly waiting for some kind of sign that I was still being considered and most of the schools never gave me a rejection notice after they went through all their rounds. I emailed asking where I was in line but no one was ever able to tell me soooo that wasn't fun but... it did give me some hope that atleast I wasn't denied right off the bat. Today I received a call from West Texas about setting up an interview so I am pretty excited about that (aside from being super nervous).
  13. I too am applying to less competitive programs because my GRE scores are not great, AT ALL! Actually they are pretty low. I am applying all in Texas and Oklahoma. I am applying to UNT,TWU, West Texas A&M, Stephen F. Austin, Texas State, Northeastern State Univ, and Oklahoma State University- because I went there for undergrad. I know some of those programs aren't less competitive but.... I applied to a few of them last year and was wait listed so this year I am hoping for a more successful go around.
  14. Nooo just super low. ha like not even to 150.
  15. I have a quick question, I retook my GRE a month ago and did the best I have ever done on the writing section only, my other scores are really low... My overall GRE score is fairly low too but my question is should I send my scores from my most recent test along with my higher scores only for the writing portion score or should I just leave it and not send at all except for my older scores? I can't decide.
  16. Hi all, I am applying for Master programs in Speech Pathology. Part of the reason I ever became interested in the field is because I have a cousin who is a Speech Pathologist. I have spent a lot of time working with her in her clinic and observing other pathologist in her clinic. I thought it wouldn't look good to have a family member write me a letter of rec, but she disagrees and said it would actually look better because she is in the field, etc. I am also applying to majority of Texas schools, her clinic is in Houston Texas and she has a special service that no other clinic in the state of Texas offers (a pretty big deal!) so I thought it would maybe be really good for her to write and talk about that and how I was able to pick up so much more knowledge than just in a regular clinic. All opinions welcome
  17. And one more thing, do you write individual letters for each of the schools you apply to or do you use one letter as a main template than make changes as needed? A lot of topics seem similar to me in a way that my letter could cover most topics ie topics are: 500 word Statement of Purpose describing the decision to pursue the degree in communication disorders", and "Compose a personal statement describing your professional goals and your preparation for graduate study in speech-language pathology." and one more says , "Submit a personal statement indicating why you wish to pursue a graduate degree in CSD"! Which in my letter I tell why I'm interested in the field, how I became interested, how I have proved to be interested (ie grades) and what I plan on doing in the future. Or am I reading these wrong and need to make my letters more specific?
  18. Oh wow so sorry I didn't see the replies to this post! I actually did my undergrad at OKstate too! I so far am applying to all Texas schools. I retook my gre and did worse on everything but the writing section (HOWWWWWWW?) But anyways that is the boat I'm in... I changed my letter of intent and applying to a few more schools than last year also have a few more people writing me letters and a few of the same as last year. Anyways... that is where I am at as of now!! What about everyone else?
  19. How are you guys starting off your statement of purpose? With a catchy opening phrase, introducing your self? I wasn't sure how to start or what is the best way, I wanted to see what everyone else was doing for it.
  20. Okay great I also have been working and gained a tremendous amount of experience in my time off, I am hoping the second time around is much more successful, but I feel like it is a game of luck. I am taking the GRE again in 2 weeks but am nervous because I haven't REALLY studied a lot for it (I despise the GRE!) but I have mediocre scores (could be better).... I have been working in a school, unfortunately where I am from I think there is one speech path (a smalllll town) so I'm hoping that will look good!!
  21. Hey guys.... Soo I was wait listed at every school I applied to last year (only 3 schools) this time around I have more experience, have been working in a school and worked with a speech path this past summer. I also am hoping to raise my GRE score bc it was a little below average-average but the GRE is my worst enemy, I hate it and standardized test. My major GPA is good, I only had 2 B's in the whole major all the rest were A's and my overall GPA is a 3.4 (I slacked off Freshman year :\ big time) I am also going to completely change my letter of intent because I think I had the wrong focus in mind. Anyways, is anyone else in the same boat? If so what are you doing differently? Something bad for me is I always did good in my classes so I never had to meet with my professors THAT much, well now when asking for LOR's I think it is going to bite me in the rear because I never really got to know them but you would think my grades reflect my passion for the class in a way. I was also wondering if it would be bad to have the SLP I worked with, the principal or superintendent etc. write me a letter? My undergrad department only allows us to ask a professor for no more than 3 recommendation letters, which really limits me when it comes to applying to more schools which is why I was going to throw in some employers and SLP's because this year I want to apply to probably 6 if not more schools... I just want in soo bad! Any advice would be great!!! .... Oh also I am going on a few different departmental tours next week, what are some good questions to ask?!
  22. Starbunny do you mind if I ask what your stats were? Were you notified by email??
  23. I'm right in the same boat as yall, my quanitative was a bit lower but I had 151 V, 147 Q. My COMD GPA is a 3.8 but a 3.5 overall. Siiigh.
  24. Me too . I'm sorry! I was hoping I wouldn't but I didn't have great stats... or GRE score at least :\ still bummed.
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