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  1. RT @JessicaValenti: SXSW canceling panels on harassment just sends the message that tactics to silence women are working https://t.co/bfCnv…
  2. RT @welcometobubble: Shop for a cause with us at @Theory_ #UWS location tonight! Champagne and 20% off. 10% supports Bubble!
  3. @TheAngryFangirl !!!!!!!!
  4. R. Warzala - not good with creative usernames. I thought yesterday that it might have been alphabetical - keeping my fingers crossed for the rest of you that it is true.
  5. I think they are doing them in batches - yesterday mine said nothing, and I got the rejection email at 6 am (EST) this morning.
  6. One source I used that really helped me prepare (not that I did awesome by any stretch of the imagination) was actually an AP prep book: 5 Steps to a 5 500 AP English Literature Questions to Know By Test Day. This is the Amazon link. The difficulty is there isn't an ability to practice similar content to the exam, and this was the closest I could find. One of the poems in the book actually showed up on my test, and I only recognized it because I'd recently reviewed those questions. Well worth the $10.
  7. The disparity is weird. 630 put me in the 77th percentile, and someone earlier said 650 is 85th. What accounts for this? The small number of people taking the exam? The difficulty of the test? You would think with the increasing number of schools discounting or downplaying the Subject Test score that ETS might be incentivized to improve the test as a reliable measure of success in graduate school.
  8. Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone had an example of the specific piece of your statement of purpose you are using to indicate fit with a particular institution. How many sentences are you giving it? How much detail are you going into? Are you naming every member of the faculty you could conceivably work with, or a few whose interests are closely aligned with you own? Obviously I could write pages on why I want to attend each of the programs to which I'm applying, but I'm having difficulty figuring out what is worth including in the SoP. Thanks, R
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