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  1. pshrestha

    Spring 2010

    Unlikely to make it this fall because of rejection or lack of funding? Lets collect and share the name of universities which accepts international students for MS/PhD in spring and ...yeah...funds them as well.
  2. pshrestha

    How much are you funded? (if at all)

    hey, someone joined me in PhD and no funding category!!! not alone I guess!!!
  3. pshrestha

    visa issue (urgent)

    It depends on your home country and the US embassy rules. In my country, after visa issue, if you wish to change university, you'll have to repay SEVIS and reapply. You probably have to give up on the earlier visa, as well. The US embassy website must have an answer, somewhere in FAQ.
  4. pshrestha

    Hard to decide,REALLY need some help

    Why don't you ask for an extension to the offer?
  5. pshrestha

    UI Chicago EE

    Accepted for PhD in electrical engineering in UIC. No funding yet. Anyone else suffering the pains as me.
  6. pshrestha

    how long should one wait?

    sounds logical enough!!!
  7. pshrestha

    how long should one wait?

    I have been "patiently" waiting for funding opportunities in both PhD and MS level (electrical engineering). How late can an offer arrive? I have heard some people getting offers even in mid to end June.
  8. pshrestha

    Stevens EE

    Anybody joining Stevens Institute of Technology's ME in EE program?
  9. pshrestha

    [ECE Ph.D] Drexel vs UCR vs UCDavis vs UofArizona

    Is it possible to somehow find out how many were admitted and of them how many funded?
  10. pshrestha

    [ECE Ph.D] Drexel vs UCR vs UCDavis vs UofArizona

    I have also been admitted to PhD in electrical engineering at Drexel. No news on funding here, either
  11. pshrestha

    GRE doesn't matter

    yeah GRE doesn't really matter..i have 1500 in GRE and only got admissions without funding
  12. pshrestha

    Joining a Ph.D. program w/o funding

    I have also been admitted for PhD program in Drexel in electrical engineering. I have 1500 in GRE and 15 months teaching experience....still no news on funding.......
  13. pshrestha

    Drexel EE Funding?

    ok...i am university topper(we don't use GPA)..GRE 1500...teaching experience 15 months at undergrad level...no real research experience..bits and pieces in projects...actually i applied for MS initially...i later had it changed to PhD
  14. pshrestha

    Drexel EE Funding?

    What are the chances of being funded in Drexel's PhD program in electrical engineering?
  15. pshrestha

    Admitted....but when do I find out specifics about funding?

    Got into PhD programs (electrical engineering) of UI Chicago and Drexel, couple of other MS programs. No news on funding yet..any information would be helpful

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