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  1. here's my story with vanderbilt case: Hello Dr. ----, I am ----(just first name), I am trying to find the status of my application for admission for Fall 09. Dr -- : I am sorry we are not able to accept your application. case: ooooooook, thank u! I did not even tell him my complete name, he didnt ask either.
  2. Drexel sucks guys, i got admitted in BME Ph.D and no news in funding, after several attempts i was able to discover i was not awarded non of the fellowships and scholarships.....u guys can probably email proffs for available RAship.....but drexel faculty are very uncommunicative....
  3. WTF is wrong with Case western. Everytime I call, all I hear is you will be notified by an email this afternoon. This shit is going forever.
  4. what happened to your GPA. Everything else looks great though
  5. hey, i think they have made all the decision over the email informally. the secretary said everyone should be notified abt decision today, april 27th. so check ur email later today btw did u go to open house? i am not expecting anything good from there though its my first choice.....i f-ed the interviews
  6. I recently got email stating I have been recommended for admission (BME Ph.D). No words on the MABE assistantship application. Graduate school wants me to submit financial statements to complete the admission process. There is no way I can join UTK w/o funding. What kind of funding can I expect from them? Searched all web and cant get information on this issue. Why would they accept a student when they cant fund? My application was complete like 1 week ago. 2 recommendation letters were lost over the mail and when i called to ask them about decision, they were like we are still missi
  7. Whats the update on this? Did u end up paying Drexel ???? I have been in the same situation. I guess u got another offer by now!
  8. Havent been home in over 5 years! Long time I know.....will visit in next 1-1.5 years!
  9. I hope u get accepted dude, getting rejected twice sounds very awful and I dont think they would have corrected their mistake if the chances are that they have to reject u again. I see some +ve there. Good luck mate.
  10. I am waiting on Case also, my top choice, the rude and poor secretary has stopped answering the calls this week. Last week she said, "We have not made our final decisions yet. Emails will be send out by the weekend about the decision." Well, I am ready to wait couple of more weeks as long as I get accepted
  11. Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I am an international student; will have a US B.S. degree next month. I thought I could get about 450-500 in GRE verbal but it went terrible. Honestly, I am not offended by the question asking if I am an international student. New situation from my side is as follows: I have an option to continue in my current school where I will be funded $18,000/year if I join Ph.D program. But the reputation of the school is not that good. If rejected by remaining schools (TAMU, CWRU, UTK), I am thinking abt joining my current school (Ph.D. program) and may
  12. Guys, I am in need of a serious suggestion. Please help. I am graduating this May. Have applied for grad school, 10 of 'em. I already got rejected by 6. I got accepted at Drexel University but w/o funding. I have emailed several professors asking for RA availability in their lab for accepted student but have not had any luck getting response. I am still waiting on 2 good program and I mediocre program. With all the rejection I got, I am not very optimistic anymore; aint really excited abt undergrad graduation next month either. My GRE was Q800, V370, W3.5; Institutional cGPA 3.95; Overal
  13. anybody heard anything from bme dept yet????/...... its taking forever!!!
  14. my f-ing wait is still not over ..... shit sucks :mrgreen:
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