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  1. WOW--that is very, very bizarre. And sort of insulting. Still waiting on Madison. Deadline was Jan 15. They won't tell anyone any results until they hear from those they offered fellowships to.
  2. zoberg


    Madison Comp Lit program has put all applicants, except those offered fellowships, on the wait list until after April 15, when they'll know who's taking fellowships, and when they'll finally send out acceptances and rejections. I think it's horrible of them.
  3. I received this email in response to my inquiry about the status of my application. I emailed them yesterday and received it promptly this morning, which is great. The catch is... the application deadline was January 15. It's taking them 3 (or more) months to make their decisions, and they're making the rest of the applicant pool wait on their response until after the decision deadline. So, basically, the MA applicants are all on the waitlist because the Comp Lit program can't take the time to write a rejection email in the three months they've been reviewing applications. What rude
  4. I applied to Madison January 15, still haven't heard a thing!
  5. I had a Jan 15 deadline this year and I still haven't heard back.
  6. Still waiting on the masters comp lit program at Madison. They said they won't be sending out letters until next week at least. The application deadline was January 15...
  7. My friend who was born in the Sudan and moved here when she was very young applied to grad school. I was not admitted into a different program, and while that's irrelevant, it really stings that she was accepted and she's failed four classes in her pursued field. Burn...
  8. Yeah, just received my rejection two days ago. It was about time.
  9. 4/5. Waiting on my fifth. I feel you. This is devastating. And it also means I won't have health insurance starting in June.
  10. Reeeejected. I tried to post it in the whatsitcalled but it came up as "advanced computing". I don't feel like correcting myself.
  11. Yep, "Decision Made" on my app too. So unnecessarily suspenseful.
  12. Let us know what the reponse says, if you receive one! I still haven't heard either.
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