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  1. I applied to a top ten PhD program and they rejected me but accepted me for the MS. I asked why and they cited my research interests. I am considering attending the MS program but I am wondering if the rankings are generally only applicable for PhD programs and if they do this for every rejected applicant (offering MS admission), since if they do, I probably dont want to go there!. Thanks!
  2. Do the people who go there now like it? What is tally like??!?! Is it easy to meet new friends?!
  3. heyy Is it possible to negotiate funding? I am getting the bare bones (not enough to live off of) from one school and am wondering if its possible to ask for more and if that ever works?
  4. Anyone going here?? I am. Im gonna need friends
  5. Why would someone ever tell you that about your graduate ambitions!??
  6. I got my last rejection from my top choice so I am officially 0-7/. This sucks and I just wanna crawl in a hole and disappear now. Anyone else with a similar fate?
  7. What field are you in? And yah I am finding the same difficulty in getting research experience. Are you working currently. I am gonna graduate in 5 weeks and if I dont get into grad school the prospect of job hunting seems frightening!
  8. What is the difference btwn these two degrees? Which is better if you plan on pursuing a PhD?
  9. Well I didnt get in anywhere (well one place unfunded) so I am going to reapply. I am wondering if you guys can give me app strengthening pointers. I applied to environmental engineering programs for PhD. My undergrad degree is in environmental engineering from a liberal arts private school kind of unknown outside of here. My over all gpa is a 3.44 and I think my major gpa is around the same. I have research experience but nothing related to engineering. My gre scores are 760q, 640v and 5.0w. I guess the 760 may be a little low for engineering but I dont know how feel about retaking it. Right now I guess I will try and find a job related to my field (in this economy!) and take over some classes I did not do so well in as an undergrad and hope the 2010 cycle will be better! Do you have any pointers? Are there any people here that have applied multiple times?
  10. ok update i STILLLLL havent heard from 5 schools. I am getting super annoyed. I paid a ton of money for my apps to be reviewed, at least tell me if I am rejected! I called 2 schools and they were unhelpful and the other 3 I emailed and noone responded. Im starting to think someone lost my app or something!
  11. Are there any people out there who still havnt heard back about their apps? I have heard from 2 and am still waitin on 5, but it all seems pretty bleak right now!
  12. BelowThree thanks for the reply (and thats nadelle also) I am in environmental engineering and that is kind of how I took the unfunded acceptance. In any case could I PM you about some questions I have about the process! Thanks
  13. I guess noone cares or wants to hear the sob stories but so far I have 1 unfunded acceptance (PhD) that is worthless right now since I can't take out 200k or so in loans to pay for, one rejection and one suggestion to apply to the MS program (unfunded). I am not sure what to do! I think I will reapply again but I dont want to unless I find out what my weaknesses were! If I post my stats would anyone be willing to a) commiserate and give some input on mayb what went wrong and what to do in the meantime?! Thnx!
  14. Lost and Confused 1. first year 2. 7 3. 1 4. my overall GPA is sorta average, however I thought the rest of my app could compensate 5. yes 6. yes, retake a couple classes, do some more research, maybe travel? 7. haha (read above?) Im not sure still trying to come to terms with everything sighhh
  15. Has anyone applied to Brown for engineering (not BME) and if so have you heard back?! Thanks!
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