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  1. Just curious, for those of you who applied at the MA level but were offered/waitlisted for the MEd program, did you list MEd as your second choice in your applications?
  2. I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to share their experiences (whether positive or negative) with contacting a POI/Department for feedback following a rejection. I understand that many psychology departments maintain a "no feedback" policy, however, I can't help wonder if anyone has disregarded this type of instruction in the past and emailed for feedback anyways (e.g., why ultimately they weren't admitted, where they could improve, whether their POI might have a place for them the following year, etc.). Any opinions/thoughts/discussion would be appreciated!
  3. Personally, if I were in your place, I wouldn't retake the GREs. You already have strong scores. My MA thesis supervisor always told me, "Get to excellent, and move on." Your scores are already excellent, so I think it would be better for you to spend your time and energy improving maybe slightly weaker areas of your CV. Research wise, you could focus on adding another publication to your CV, volunteering in a new lab for an additional research assistantship, preparing a poster for an upcoming academic conference, taking an SEM or more specialized graduate statistics course, etc. In terms
  4. Thanks for the info! Did you apply to the Clinical Psychology programs at Ryerson and Guelph?
  5. Has anyone received any type of correspondence (i.e., scheduling interviews, open house days, the acceptance timeline, etc.) from OISE, University of Guelph, or University of Ottawa? Thanks very much to all.
  6. Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone has submitted their electronic form entitled, "Psychology Department: Graduate Studies Admissions Questionniare" for the University of Guelph. This form needs to be submitted by anyone applying for graduate studies with the Psychology Department. Does anyone know whether there are word/character length maximums for the responses in this form submission? I don't want to submit anything that is too lengthy and have my responses be cut short. Anyone know the answer to this question? Thanks
  7. Hello everyone, Just wanted to share my story in hopes that it might be useful for someone else. I recently wrote my GRE Psychology Subtest on November 10, 2012. My grades were updated online yesterday, December 10, 2012. When you write a standardized test, you always worry, "What if they post my grades wrong?!"... Well, that's happened to me. My grade currently reads online as "000" and my percent below is "02." I called ETS to get more information about my score. Since Psychology Subtest scaled scores are supposed to be between 200-990 or 20-99, they assured me that my grade w
  8. Thanks for the great advice, Quant_Liz_Lemon! I decided to nix the reference list to save space and just included the in-text citations.
  9. Thanks for the useful advice! I am meeting with a POI on Wednesday and will keep these suggestions in mind.
  10. Hello everyone, I thought I would start a thread to "home" questions/advice/comments pertaining to applications to MA programs in Clinical and Counselling Psychology for Fall 2013. Specifically, I am wondering if anyone else is struggling with their Statement of Interest for Ryerson University. I am finding the word limit (500 - 1000 words maximum, including references) to be very restrictive. Specifically, the university recommends that you describe your reasons for pursuing graduate study, research interests, how previous studies and experience have prepared you for the program and
  11. Hello! Though I am not in the computer engineering field (I just completed my Master of Arts in Developmental Psychology), I thought I would share some general advice about aquiring research experience in your desired field. 1. Volunteering with a Professor. Identify 3-5 professors in your desired field whose research interests you. Next, find out more about them. Consult their list of recent publications to gain a sense of what research projects have currently underway and what research projects they may see in their future. Ask around about this professor. See if you can identify
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