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  1. Thanks TakeruK, but I will definitely be more cautious about my online presence. I was really surprised about them checking my online profile!
  2. It sounds ridiculous but I have not updated my profiles for ages, so there are some internships and honors that are not on my LinkedIn profile. I happened to check it today and found there is a visitor labeled as " Professor from XXX University". I did send my resume along with the application. But I still panicked. Have no idea if a out-of-date social media profile would affect my admissibility (my major is multimedia, guess social media profile is kind of important?) Any insights??? Also a reminder to you all, digital profiles do matter according to my experience then?
  3. Thanks ridofme and RubyBright. I am applying for master's degree for the same major as my undergraduate. My last 60 credits GPA is ok... Around 3.5... And my grades for the upper level major classes are much better than the lower level.
  4. Hi! Everyone. So up to now I have already applied to four schools, and three more to go. But my overall GPA (3.5) is much higher than my major GPA (3.1~)..... I know it is completely irrational, but this issue has been troubling me and I can not completely focus myself on the application as I am getting increasingly worried. Does anyone has any insights into this situation. Two out of the four schools I have applied asked specifically my major GPA, and these two are my top preferences. Any ideas/insight would be appreciated.
  5. I think the first sentence is quite awkward, and it is not a catchy opening either. I would rather delete it.
  6. Thanks Sugarmilk. One more question, do you think my logic flow smoothly? Is there any part that you think is confusing?
  7. Counting down to submit my applications! Still not so sure about my personal statement. Thanks in advance for your suggestions, and please feel free to be harsh! _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Our generation is revolutionary. Our existences are proven by the 90 X 90 pixels of digital photos on Facebook, and our happiest moments retained in Instagram rather than in diaries or albums. As a result, innovation is the keyword in my journey in journalism. I desire to bring multimedia, info graphics specifically,
  8. Can we trade? Just finished mine and looking for some advices!
  9. Hi! Everyone: I am new to the forum, and as the deadline is approaching, I am getting a little worried about my application. I would greatly appreciated if someone can chance me and give me some advices in my application process! GRE: 163 + 158, Essay: 4.5 GPA: a little above 3.5 Experience: internships with news agencies in Europe, Several internships with one small town newspaper in info graphics, one video production internship with websites Good recommendations from professors I applied to Mizzou, Berkeley, Northwestern, NYU and Columbia. Do I have any chance? Is there a
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