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  1. The University of Akron's Master's program is funded, but if you are looking fora PHD afterwards you will need to go somewhere else.
  2. A question for the megahelpful forum-goers! A few years ago I applied to a couple of PhD schools for statistics and was rejected from both. I did get into a MS program in statistics and am working my way through that. I am working on applying to schools again this year and I am wondering how to address the fact that I am re-applying in my statement of purpose. Should I specifically address what I have done in the past two years to improve my application? (Taken stats and math courses, interned as a statistician, volunteer on a research and planning committee) Or since it has been two years,
  3. Oh nice. There is a real analysis class offered at the school, but it requires advanced calculus one and two as prereqs... I'm not confident enough in my proof abilities or else I would just jump in there. Considering my lack of math experience, I think that advanced calculus is definitely the one to take. Thanks
  4. Advanced calculus I appears to be a theory based course with lots of proofs. I couldn't find a syllabus with topics for this course, but here is the book they use (they go through the first five chapters) http://www.amazon.com/Elementary-Analysis-Calculus-Undergraduate-Mathematics/dp/1461462703#reader_1461462703 and a brief description Sequential. Prerequisite: Departmental permission. Real number system, sequences, series, set theory, continuity, differentiation, integration, partial derivatives, multiple integration, maxima and minima, convergences and uniform convergences, power se
  5. Hi everyone, I will be starting my final year of my Masters degree (in Statistics) next semester and I am trying to decide what courses to take. My goal is to obtain a PHD (and ultimately work in academia... easier said than done) and I was wondering if anyone could give me any input about what courses I should take in order to increase my chances of getting into a PHD program. My undergraduate was in physics, so I have taken Calculus I,II, III, Differential Eq. and Linear Algebra. But that is all the math I have taken (one B, the rest were A's) There are three classes I would lik
  6. Sorry to hijack! Unfortunately - the scheduling didn't work out at my school and I will be unable to take real analysis before applying for any PHD programs, I can get in the first semester of advanced calculus, but that is about it. Can a subject GRE help make up for my lack of Real Analysis? Is it hopeless to apply for a PHD without it Real Analysis?
  7. What other electives for us non-math majors would you guys recommend? I'm signing up for advanced calculus and real analysis next year (along with M.S. Stats core classes) but I would like to get as much math in as possible.
  8. Undergraduate Institution: Small Private Top 40 U.S. School Major: Physics BS GPA 3.26 GRE 159 Q 161V 3.5 W Important classes, Calculus I to III, differential equations Linear Algebra and Diffeq taken at a tier II university A's in everything except calculus II ( which was a B ) LOR- three from co-workers (I worked in industry as a physicist for 8 years before going back to school, I dont think my professors remembered me). All of which were positive, but none of them worked in academia Applied: Akron (masters) Bowling Green (Masters) Ohio State (PhD) University of Pittsburgh (
  9. Hi Everyone! I am a physicist transitioning into statistics. Now that this round of applications is over, I was hoping that the denizens of the forums could help me identify some coursework that I could take that would improve my chances at getting into a PhD program in about a year and a half. I will be entering a Masters program in the fall. Ultimately, my goal is to get into a PhD program at an upper/middle tier school. Eventually, I would like to pursue academic research and engage in statistical consulting for other academics (I am also interested in data modeling). Some Releva
  10. My status is still "In Review" - 3.2 gpa- Undergrad in physics. Its been in a review for about a month. Now the important question is, how do I get off of this waitlist!
  11. Yeah- It says I'm missing my LoRs and my transcript. But I know that my recommenders submitted their letters well before the deadline, so I dont know whats up.
  12. My application is still showing up as incomplete at OSU. Has anyone had success contacting the department?
  13. Sorry, I forgot to mention that I emailed them a week ago and have received no response.
  14. Hi All I was wondering at what point in the process is it ok to call the department and see if they got all of my materials. The deadline was two weeks ago, and I haven't received any communication from the department. My materials were put in the mail well before the deadline, but I just want to make sure that they got there. Is it too soon to give them a ring? Thanks
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