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  1. Just be sure, if you go to UIUC, it is certianly not and "ok-ish" state school.
  2. Hey everyone, I figured this would be helpful for people viewing this site in the future trying to figure out where they should apply. Reply to this thread in the same format as me, and hopefully we can help out future applicants! Undergraduate Institution: Ohio State University Major: Economics, Math, BS GPA: 3.56 Cumulative, 3.8 Major GRE: Verbal 163, Quant 159, AW 5.0 Graduate Institution: N/A Important Classes: Probability, Real Analysis, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Econometrics, Numerical Analysis, Multivariable Calculus Research Experience: 1 year working for an
  3. Will you be attending? Why/why not? On another note, the grad director has sent me 3 emails asking about my decision. Anyone else gotten these?
  4. So in your opinion OSU is more well known for stats that UIUC? In the rankings OSU is at ~27, and UIUC is at ~33, so I suppose the rankings corroborate this view. I've looked at the placement of each program, but they seem to be fairly similar (hard to tell because UIUC has more placement data than OSU does). Whod've thought this would be such a tough decision!
  5. I too got an offer from OSU. Based on how you're describing each school, it seems like Duke would be the best for you!
  6. I guess to put that number in perspective, at UIUC I met with 6/10 faculty in one-on-one meetings for ~30 minutes each. Is OSU more highly regarded than UIUC? I thought that UIUC was thought of as more prestigious than OSU. It is certainly ranked higher as an overall institution.
  7. Hey erb8884, I went to the graduate information day. I'll be honest - I was not so impressed, mostly because I felt like the faculty presence was severely lacking (only about 7 professors came out of ~22 in the department). Does anyone know how these two departments are viewed? I would imagine roughly similarly, but does any ideas?
  8. Hey guys, What are you opinions on UIUC vs OSU for a Statistics PhD? I know that the answer may be a bit dependent on my own interests, however, I don't want to (at least initially) skew your opinions. Which would you attend and why?
  9. It's statistics for both of them, but thanks for the response!
  10. Hey guys, It's nearly March and I've still yet to heave from University of Virginia or Northwestern. I've checked my app pages and it still says no decision for both of them. Has any one else heard anything?
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