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  1. Top students from University of Toronto should be able to get into top-notch PhD programs (I say this having come from Waterloo, which I presume has comparable, perhaps slightly better, outcomes). Your courses/GPA look strong - hard to judge your research. You should have a shot at everywhere on your list, if anything you're not aiming high enough. I would, sincerely, suggest you work to improve your english, and your GRE score by extension. You're unlikely to be successful in grad school if you can't easily communicate with your english-speaking peers.
  2. For what it's worth, I was admitted to three schools that "highly recommend" the math GRE without submitting it (Chicago, Washington and Columbia), as well as Berkeley. I got ~70% and only submitted it to Stanford (where I did not get in), based on the recommendation of my undergrad research adviser. I also had a very strong math background which probably earned me the benefit of the doubt - multiple graduate level measure theory courses with all A+s, and a letter from a prof I spent a summer with doing research in abstract analysis. You can probably find my profile somewhere online if you wan
  3. I'm going to be a bit of a jerk here (hopefully in a helpful way) and say that you should really focus on improving your english, regardless of your GRE score. Forget about your personal statement, I can tell from three lines that you're not fluent, and that will hurt you a lot in admissions, not to mention the rest of your life in the English-speaking world.
  4. I would absolutely go to UMD. At GW, you wouldn't be a full-time PhD student and wouldn't get the resulting research experience. That is, the beauty of grad school (and really academia as a whole) is you can think about whatever problems you like, whenever you want - with as minimal limits as possible. Having to sandwich your research time around a full-time job is not going to allow you to even approach the depth of thought that you would achieve as a grad student full time. Yes, money is nice - I went through similar challenges when debating full time work versus grad school - but over
  5. Washington stats as a hole is certainly more prestigious, and between the two PhD programs there would be a meaningful drop-of in terms of prestige and caliber of student. That being said, Canadian masters are generally far more research-oriented then US programs, so UofT may provide a better opportunity to do meaningful research, if that's what you want to do. This would be better for a potential PhD (I'm speaking generally as I'm not too familiar with the particular programs). I met a few students who did their masters at comparable Canadian schools and got into top-5/10 American PhDs, so th
  6. If you think you may be interested in applications of ML, I'd take a close look at the research of the Chicago ML folks to see if there's work of that type that you find interesting. Chicago as a whole is a pretty theoretical department, and they have a far weaker CS department than CMU. Lafferty, for instance, seems to now be more driven by theoretical issues as opposed to developing new algorithms. Of course, I feel like CMU may be more applications oriented, although I'm not as familiar with their department. Of course, Chicago is perhaps a slightly more "prestigious" program, and in a
  7. Did you visit? You should absolutely visit both places, and ask these questions to currents students and professors. I'm sure they'd be able to talk in depth about things like recent academic placements, and what the job market looks like. I have visited four schools, and it was more than worth the time and effort.
  8. Undergrad Institution: Top math/stats/CS school in Canada Major(s): Stats, Pure math and C&O Minor(s): GPA: 91.4% (90% and above is an A+) Type of Student: American citizen GRE General Test: Q: 170 (98%) V: 166 (96%) W: 5.0 (93%) GRE Subject Test in Mathematics: M: 750 (71%) (only submitted to Stanford) Programs Applying: Statistics, one CS Research Experience: 2 full-time 4 month terms in pure math, machine learning, 4 months part-time in applying ML to HCI, 4 months full time at a top tech company in ML research Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Grades honours, fellowships for research
  9. I don't want to get into a flame war or anything, but that was a more toned down version of how I feel about this. Basically, they took my money to look at an application they told me was complete, but would have never actually looked at it if I didn't bug them. And they didn't apologize or even admit that they had done something wrong. Yes, I've gotten into better schools, and this won't really effect my life. But if CMU were my first choice and I didn't think to email them, this would have really sucked.
  10. You got the same message about your application only being completed, not submitted? When did you email them to check on your application?
  11. My applications for a Stats PhD at CMU is in a frustrating situation, so I thought I'd reach out and see if anyone else is in the same boat. This may also serve as a cautionary tale for future applicants. Long story short, their online application went down before the posted deadline, so I had to email the admin lady, have her upload the missing pieces of my application, and mail them a check for the fee (which they cashed). After having sent everything, I asked if my application was now complete and received the response "your file is complete". On Feb. 19, after having seen multiple
  12. Excellent, thank you! It looks like we'll be at some of the same visit days (UCB, UW)
  13. They do, but only up to some dollar amount, which isn't always sufficient for those of us flying in from Canada. Plus, I'd really just like to get my plan settled - it looks like it could end up being a 10 day long trip in the middle of term.
  14. Does anyone know when the visit day for CMU is? I haven't heard from them yet, but I'd like to start booking flights for other schools before prices go up.
  15. Working with David Blei at Columbia would set you up very well.
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