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  1. I think you should definitely look into UNC's biostatistics program. UNC's program is known for being theoretically rigorous but it's housed in the Gillings School of Global Public Health which is one of the top public health departments in the country. When I visited last year, they devoted some time to discuss their certificate in global health and it seemed like a really great opportunity particularly if you're interested in working on international projects. If I remember correctly, there's some required courses/seminars as well as an (international?) internship. It seemed like they were t
  2. One option if you want to have linux but also want the benefits of windows is the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). I used to have linux installed on my old laptop but when I got a new one I opted to try to keep windows installed and use the WSL. There was a bit of a learning curve, but if you're comfortable with linux then you should be able to figure it out relatively quick and easy. So far, it's been working really well and there hasn't been anything that I haven't been able to do with WSL.
  3. Another thing worth noting is that if you go to Minnesota you have the potential of getting an RA position that would pay your tuition. A 50% appointment pays your entire tuition and a 33% appointment pays half your tuition. I would reach out to the graduate program coordinator to ask about it. I don't think private schools like Emory are be able to do that (I could be wrong).
  4. Undergrad Institution: Large state school Type of Student: Domestic white male Major(s): Chemistry, Math GPA: 3.71 GRE General Test: Q: 166 (91%) V: 165 (96%) W: 5.0 (>90%) Grad Institution: Large state school Concentration: A few post-grad courses in statistical programming/applied statistics GPA: 4.0 Research Experience: 2 years of research in chemistry, 1 publication Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Graduated with honors, award for undergraduate research Pertinent Activities or Jobs: (1 yr) Healthcare IT company, (1 yr) Work as an research analyst/data m
  5. It could be a good idea. I called the director at a program I am waitlisted at. He said that the admissions committee had asked him to record each domestic applicant that called the department and provide that list of applicants to the admissions committee.
  6. No idea how large the waitlist is but they're hosting a visit for admitted MS students this Friday - some movement might occur after that. I'd expect at least 1 position to free up
  7. Here's what they say about methodology: " Rankings of doctoral programs in the sciences are based solely on the results of surveys sent to academics in biological sciences, chemistry, computer science, earth sciences, mathematics, physics and statistics. The individuals rated the quality of the program at each institution on a scale of 1 (marginal) to 5 (outstanding). Individuals who were unfamiliar with a particular school's programs were asked to select don't know. Questionnaires were sent to the department heads and directors of graduate studies at each program in each discipline."
  8. Wouldn't it be easier to look at the number of people graduating each year with a stat/biostats PhD and add up from there? I believe Amstat publishes those numbers.
  9. I'm going to piggy back on this thread - how much does the ranking/reputation of Masters institution matter? Let's assume that the programs are nearly identical - same courses, both require thesis, and you perform well in both programs - does going to school ranked in the 1-20 range really make you significantly more competitive for PhD applications than a school in the 20-50 or even 50+ range?
  10. UVM (Vermont) application is open until March 1st. They don't have a PhD program so most of their Masters students get funding. Burlington is supposedly a nice place to live (if you can deal with the winters).
  11. I've talked with the biostatistics graduate programs coordinator at Minnesota and she had this to say: "We make no offers of funding to MS or MPH applicants prior to April 15th. Some first year MS/MPH students receive partial funding; most (often all) second year MS students receive at least partial funding. Those decisions are not made until mid-August. In addition, many of our students go find graduate research positions elsewhere on campus, usually as a statistical programmer, to support them while they complete their Biostat MS/MPH degree. "
  12. I wanted to but it seems like a small program and I felt like I needed to stick to the larger ones to have a shot. Good luck though!
  13. You talked to the department and this is what they said? Seems pretty early.
  14. Do you ever see applications that you recognize having read from Grad Cafe?
  15. Well, I doubt I could get into the PhD program for either UNC or Duke and I'm in-state for UNC so I could afford tuition. For the other two, my reasoning is that I wanted a couple of MS to be safe but I'm still thinking about it.
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