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  1. I'm going to piggy back on this thread - how much does the ranking/reputation of Masters institution matter? Let's assume that the programs are nearly identical - same courses, both require thesis, and you perform well in both programs - does going to school ranked in the 1-20 range really make you significantly more competitive for PhD applications than a school in the 20-50 or even 50+ range?
  2. Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    UVM (Vermont) application is open until March 1st. They don't have a PhD program so most of their Masters students get funding. Burlington is supposedly a nice place to live (if you can deal with the winters).
  3. U of Minneasota vs. Boston U

    I've talked with the biostatistics graduate programs coordinator at Minnesota and she had this to say: "We make no offers of funding to MS or MPH applicants prior to April 15th. Some first year MS/MPH students receive partial funding; most (often all) second year MS students receive at least partial funding. Those decisions are not made until mid-August. In addition, many of our students go find graduate research positions elsewhere on campus, usually as a statistical programmer, to support them while they complete their Biostat MS/MPH degree. "
  4. Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    I wanted to but it seems like a small program and I felt like I needed to stick to the larger ones to have a shot. Good luck though!
  5. Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    You talked to the department and this is what they said? Seems pretty early.
  6. Do you ever see applications that you recognize having read from Grad Cafe?
  7. Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    Well, I doubt I could get into the PhD program for either UNC or Duke and I'm in-state for UNC so I could afford tuition. For the other two, my reasoning is that I wanted a couple of MS to be safe but I'm still thinking about it.
  8. Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    My stats are here: I think I've finalized my list now - definitely open to advice/suggestions on this list. It feels like I'm applying to a lot of schools. Statistics PhD University of Wisconsin Ohio State Michigan Statistics MS UNC Duke Minnesota Penn State Biostatistics PhD UNC Michigan Minnesota Columbia Brown
  9. Oh I should have mentioned that I'm also looking into (and maybe starting to prefer?) biostats programs now. What initially turned me away from biostats was that I didn't want to get pigeon holed into the biomedical field and instead wanted a more general statistics background. However, I'm finding that I really like the applied nature of biostats that I'm getting exposed at work and I think there's going to be a higher chance of getting funding for a masters in biostats versus statistics (which is pretty vital to me). That being said, do you think I'd be competitive for PhD programs in the 10-20 range and if I'm on the fence about the PhD would you recommend applying to masters or PhD programs?
  10. Just wanted to update that I retook the GRE and got V165 Q166 W5.0. Also, I now have coauthored chemistry publication. Would I be competitive for PhD programs in the 10-20 range? Trying to decide between applying to masters programs or PhD programs. Thanks!
  11. Alright, thanks for the help. What about for masters?
  12. What do you think I would need to get it up to? 165? 90th percentile?
  13. Hi, I graduated in May 2016 and have been working for a software company for the past year. I'm about to start a job managing data for clinical trials at a university hospital (just data management, no statistics). My background during undergrad was mostly in chemistry, but I have decided that I would like to go back to school for a Masters (potentially PhD) in statistics. However, I don't have much knowledge of statistics graduate school so I'm feeling rather unprepared for the application process. Basically, I'm looking for some guidance on what the highest tier of schools I should apply to is, and ways of improving my application. I appreciate any advice, thank you! Undergrad institution: Top 5 public university Major: BS Chemistry, BA Math Grad: Completed some coursework in applied statistics (online) from a top 25 statistics school Undergrad GPA: 3.71/4.0 Grad GPA: 4.0/4.0 Relevant courses: Calculus I, II, III – A Differential Equations – B+ Discrete Math – A- Real Analysis – A- Linear Algebra – A Probability – A Combinatorics – A Mathematical Modeling – A- (grad) Statistics I – A+ (grad) Statistics II - A+ (grad) Statistical Programming I – A (grad) Statistical Programming II – A GRE: V165 Q160 W4.5 (I am planning on retaking this soon but I'm beginning to doubt my score will improve much) Research experience: Chemistry research in undergrad for 2 years (soon to be published) Awards/Honors: Award for summer undergraduate research Award for "excellent" undergraduate research Graduated with honors in chemistry Letters of recommendation: I'm not expecting these to be stellar as they will be mostly from chemistry folks. I'm going to try to get one from a math professor. Computing skills: SAS (proficient), SQL (proficient), R (working knowledge) Schools of Interest: This is where I'm really looking for help. Would I be competitive for PhD programs? Right now, I am thinking I would not want to go for the PhD and would like to stop at a masters, but I would like funding if possible. What is the top tier of schools I could hope to get into (top 5-10?), I plan on applying to a wide range of schools but I would like to go to the best place I could get into. I know that as of now, my quantitative GRE score will really hold me back, but I hate preparing for standardized tests (it just feels like a huge waste of time to me). Once again, thanks for any advice/help you all might provide!
  14. Thanks guys. I am wary of Columbia's program, specifically because it's so expensive and seems to not be as rigorous as I'd like. Also, for the reference of future people reading this post, University of Minnesota's application is open until March 15th.
  15. Hey all, I did not major in statistics and this year I applied to PhD programs in my major (chemistry). As I'm getting my acceptances for chemistry, I've realized that I'm more interested (and also qualified for) in pursuing MS Statistics programs (mostly because the MS Statistics yields many more opportunities than a PhD in chemistry). I would like to begin working on my Masters as soon as possible rather than waiting for Fall 2018, mostly because it seems like a waste to put it off for a year. Does anyone know of any generally solid programs that are still accepting applications for Fall 2017 or Spring 2018? I know that the University of Illinois is still accepting applications for both Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 but I haven't found any other than that. Thanks!