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  1. If you have a solid background, then that score will not hurt you and not help you as GRE is not the first thing for many schools. Note that, however, some schools may have the (unofficial) minimum GRE score--one not top school asked me to get V156.
  2. I see that you have very uncommon profile: having non-US degree as a US citizen; not majored statistics or biostatistics, but took some relevant courses etc. So I recommend you to apply as many schools as you can. I think your SOP and LOR would be really critical. Those are the only chances to connect your background and statistics. Anyway, once you have good LOR and SOP, your target seems reasonable: some Top 20 (good luck!) and mainly Top 50-70+. Just add more Top 30-40 (e.g. UF, OSU, and FSU) and Top 50-70+ schools (e.g. UT-Austin, SMU, U of SC, you name it.) Focus on Top 50-70+,
  3. I would appreciate any thoughts. The point is, 1) Mac OS vs Windows, which system is better for a student in stat? 2) 8 Gen i5(quad-core) with 8GB Ram is enough to run, say R or python? (In general stat field)
  4. I will apply for top 10~100 stat Ph.D. programs. They do not require a subject score but I heard that it would be helpful. A problem is that my GRE math score is not good...just above the 50th percentile... Should I report my GRE subject score? I concern that it would hurt my chance instead.
  5. Unfortunately, not a well-known university... Do you recommend any Masters program in the U.S. that provides some funding?
  6. -Undergrad Institution: Asian University Major: Statistics GPA: 3.96/4.0 Type of Student: International Relevant Courses: Calculus1,2(A+,B+), Multivariate Calculus(A+), Introduction to Analysis1,2(A+,A+), Linear Algebra(A+), Complex Analysis(A+), Numerical Analysis(A+), Mathematical Statistics1,2(A,A+), Regression Analysis(A+), Probability(A+), Computer Programming(A+), DATA Mining(A+), JAVA(A+), Micro,Macro Economy(A+,A+), Econometric(A+), and other topics of Statistics(CDA, Multivariate Data Analysis, Sampling Method...)(A+) TOEFL:94(30/26/20/18) I will retake to get 100
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