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  1. Your profile seems like it'd be in the conversation anywhere you apply. Do you have a list in mind?
  2. Don't worry about having so few hours that one semester. I think you have a great shot at getting an acceptance from a school on your list.
  3. It sounds like at least two of your letters will be great. If you are considering biostatistics programs (I am biased and think you should), I don't think you'd have to look any further than Chapel Hill, Michigan, Minnesota tier. You don't need a background in biology or medicine to thrive in a biostats program. The methods being developed by biostatisticians are motivated from public health/biology/medical problems and data so having an interest in those areas would be important. You'd be trained as a statistician first and foremost.
  4. Do you have any research interests? Have you taken the GRE? The strength of math departments at schools in the USNEWS top 20 private list varies a lot but if it's a strong department I don't see why you couldn't apply anywhere you wanted to.
  5. GoPackGo89

    Some Modest Advice for Graduate Students

    Another good read: https://medium.com/@dorsaamir/modest-advice-for-new-graduate-students-b0be6b8dbc22
  6. Last time I looked at Berkeley's M.A in stats it was VERY industry oriented and not a good fit for someone wanting to go on for a PhD. If you were trying to improve your odds of admission at top 30 schools then I would think Washington would be the better choice?
  7. I came across this earlier and hope someone else enjoys it. https://stearnslab.yale.edu/some-modest-advice-graduate-students
  8. *Oh nvm I found pitt ranked 45 last rankings
  9. I think another school given your profile should be Ohio State. Large program, lots of bayesians.
  10. I totally understand where you are coming from with wanting US dollars to go to US students but let me offer you a different angle: When it comes to funding universities, I want my tax dollars to be spent on the best possible science. If that means bringing in top talent from around the world then so be it. It's only one opinion but the US might be better of in the end if we are investing in best science possible. If it's any consolation, many training grants that come from the federal government (see NIH) do have limitations on foreign students.
  11. They have a badass biostatistics group too. I don't see how international students should hurt a ranking (I actually see this helping)
  12. GoPackGo89

    Statistics PhD Admission Advice Thread

    I did not go through the undergraduate admissions process (or at least I knew I was guaranteed admission transferring from a CC) but I suspect with PhD programs there is a lot of moving parts to ensure students are fully funded. Some schools juggling tons of students moving them on and off training grants are just better at it than others. I could be wrong but I also suspect most if not all respectable PhD programs have at least sent out initial offers and for the rest of their pool it comes down to how quickly offers are accepted/declined.
  13. GoPackGo89

    Preparation for (Bio)Statistics PhD

    What do you mean by coming off as a negative?
  14. GoPackGo89

    Columbia Statistics Masters for PhD

    Is Columbia's masters intended to be a terminal degree? I only know that they churn out a ridiculous amount of masters students and it is often referred to as a cash cow. If you plan to finish in one year you only have from now until December to improve your application. In my personal opinion attending Columbia's masters program seems like an expensive/not so helpful bridge for re-applying for fall 2019.
  15. https://www.usnews.com/best-graduate-schools/top-science-schools/statistics-rankings Here are the old rankings courtesy of @Applied Math to Stat STATISTICS 1. Stanford 2. UC Berkeley 3. UChicago 4-5. Harvard, Washington (tied) 6. Carnegie Mellon 7. Duke 8. UPenn 9. Wisconsin 10-12. NCSU, Texas A&M, Michigan (tied) 13. Iowa State 14-17. Minnesota, Columbia, Penn State, UNC Chapel Hill (tied) 18-19. Cornell, Purdue (tied) 20-21. Ohio State, UC Davis (tied) 22-23. UCLA, Florida (tied) 24-26. UIUC, Yale, Iowa (tied) 27-29. Florida State, Rice, Rutgers (tied) 30-31. Colorado State, UConn (tied) 32. Michigan State 33-35. NYU, Northwestern, Pittsburgh (tied) 36-39. George Washington, Georgia, Missouri, Virginia Tech (tied) 40. SMU 41-45. UCSB, Arizona State, Oregon State, South Carolina, UVA (tied) 46-47. Temple, UC Riverside (tied)48-49. Kansas State, Colorado-Denver (tied) 50-52. Baylor, Case Western, Kentucky (tied) BIOSTATISTICS 1-2. Harvard, Washington (tied) 3. Johns Hopkins 4-5. Michigan, UNC-Chapel Hill (tied) 6. UC Berkeley 7. Minnesota 8. UPenn 9-10. Columbia, UCLA (tied) 11. Yale 12. Emory 13. Brown 14-15. Iowa, Rochester (tied) 16. Pittsburgh 17. Boston University 18-20. Medical College of Wisconsin, UIllinois-Chicago, UTexas-Houston (tied) 21. Case Western 22. Medical College of South Carolina 23-25. SUNY Albany, Alabama, SUNY Buffalo (tied) 26. South Carolina, Virginia Commonwealth Marmle separated the new rankings below

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