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  1. There are good computational biologists in many biostat programs. Harvard, UW, JHU, UNC, Michigan, Minnesota all have some.
  2. GoPackGo89

    Non-traditional PhD students?

    Yep you are in good company
  3. On top of the other posts I would consider what your post-graduation plans are. What industry? Where do you want to live? How flexible are you? If placement of their students isn't online you could email and ask. Otherwise you could check professors' CVs for what master theses they advised and search where they ended up.
  4. GoPackGo89

    Non-traditional PhD students?

    What is the definition of non-traditional? In my incoming biostatistics cohort there are at least a handful of students that have been working/teaching for sometime (now aged 27+). Don't get caught up in the proportion of non-traditional students in programs to gauge your chances. I think posting your grades, relevant experiences, who you have in your corner for letter writers, etc will allow people to give you a better idea. Either way, good luck!
  5. GoPackGo89

    2019 Stat/Biostat Ph.D Applicant Judgment

    You are correct. I meant UNC biostats and Michigan biostats. OP, what did you mean by "looking at data within the next 6 years" ?
  6. GoPackGo89

    2019 Stat/Biostat Ph.D Applicant Judgment

    I would be careful choosing your letters of recommendation. If you impressed the statistician (are they an academic?) and your other research advisors, those letters could go a long way. Based on past profiles/results I think your list looks fine. If you're interested in statistical genetics you should put Michigan on your list. UNC and Ohio State as well. Don't put too much weight in the rankings and definitely do not associate lower ranking with increased odds of acceptance. Someone can correct me if I am wrong but I think your chances are much better at NCSU, Minn, Wisconsin, UNC, Michigan, Iowa State than they are at the Ivy/Ivy+ you listed
  7. GoPackGo89

    Stats/Biostats Applicant 2019

    I think your biostats list has a nice spread of schools. I also think you would get into a top masters program but if your goal is to get a PhD and you are happy at any of the schools you listed, why bother with a masters?
  8. I think most past applicants/students/faculty would agree you are getting into at least one of those. Your biostat list seems very bottom heavy to me. If you are taking suggestions from strangers, maybe look into UNC, Michigan, Johns Hopkins, Washington, Minnesota, Penn. Depending on your location preferences those schools might be worth an application
  9. Your profile seems like it'd be in the conversation anywhere you apply. Do you have a list in mind?
  10. Don't worry about having so few hours that one semester. I think you have a great shot at getting an acceptance from a school on your list.
  11. It sounds like at least two of your letters will be great. If you are considering biostatistics programs (I am biased and think you should), I don't think you'd have to look any further than Chapel Hill, Michigan, Minnesota tier. You don't need a background in biology or medicine to thrive in a biostats program. The methods being developed by biostatisticians are motivated from public health/biology/medical problems and data so having an interest in those areas would be important. You'd be trained as a statistician first and foremost.
  12. Do you have any research interests? Have you taken the GRE? The strength of math departments at schools in the USNEWS top 20 private list varies a lot but if it's a strong department I don't see why you couldn't apply anywhere you wanted to.
  13. GoPackGo89

    Some Modest Advice for Graduate Students

    Another good read: https://medium.com/@dorsaamir/modest-advice-for-new-graduate-students-b0be6b8dbc22
  14. Last time I looked at Berkeley's M.A in stats it was VERY industry oriented and not a good fit for someone wanting to go on for a PhD. If you were trying to improve your odds of admission at top 30 schools then I would think Washington would be the better choice?
  15. I came across this earlier and hope someone else enjoys it. https://stearnslab.yale.edu/some-modest-advice-graduate-students

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