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  1. Hi, kmitch! I'll be getting into town in the middle of the first week of August, and I am beyond excited about the move. I'll keep an eye out for you at orientation events.
  2. I'll be doing an intensive abstract algebra program at Cornell for the 8 weeks before I need to be at grad school. They will be using the same text as my PhD program, so I'll have a nice jump start on one of my courses this fall. Best case scenario, we cover enough material this summer that I can pass my algebra comprehensive exam before the year even starts, freeing my schedule for another class. Even if it's not enough to pass the comp, I'll still be a lot more comfortable with the material this fall. It would be absolutely worth it just for the coursework alone, but there is also a rese
  3. What do you do when you have just over a week to finish packing your apartment? Well, duh! You start a new blog, obviously.

  4. Undergraduate Institution: Small Private Liberal Arts School Major: Math BA, Early Childhood/Childhood Education BA GPA: 3.83 Cumulative, 3.57 Major GRE: Verbal 164, Quant 162, AW 4.5 Graduate Institution: N/A Important Classes: Real Analysis, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Number Theory, Combinatorics/Graph Theory, Abstract Algebra, Mathematica Coding Research Experience: 2 REUs (UNC-Asheville 2011, LSU 2012) Publications: 2 in the pipeline Grants: None Teaching experience: Student teaching for education degree, but none at the college level. Tutoring, both group and indivi
  5. I'm counting down the days until I start my pure math PhD at Louisiana State University.
  6. I've looked into the music program at the school I will be attending, and they have lots of opportunities for graduate students to participate in ensembles. I'm going to hold off for a semester or two before I commit to anything musical, just so I have time to better understand what my time constraints will be like in the grad program. In the meantime, I'll keep practicing flute and oboe, and keep an acoustic guitar and bass in my living room for spontaneous music with my friends and colleagues.
  7. I applied to 8 and was accepted at 4. I received 1 rejection and have heard back from the other 3 schools. I think 8 schools seems reasonable. I made sure they all had programs that aligned with my research interests, and made a point to only apply to schools I would be thrilled to attend. I didn't want any "fall-backs," because I didn't want to feel stuck in a less-desireable program for the next 5-6 years.
  8. Wishing I had a "Montage Button" so that I could go through a few glimpses of finishing up the semester and packing things, then magically wake up in my fully-furnished apartment in Baton Rouge ready to start the fall semester.

  9. Another thing you want to consider when setting up your business cards is your contact number. I use a Google Voice number for several reasons: I can control who is able to contact me. If I don't want to hear from someone, Google Voice screens the calls for me. I never have to worry about changing my phone number. If I change cell phone providers, I just update the info on the Google Voice site and it automatically forwards to my new cell phone. I can control which phones ring. The Google Voice number can forward to multiple phones, so I can have those calls ring on my cell, my home, and
  10. You have my sympathies. My 7-year marriage ended without warning in August of last year. As if the divorce process itself isn't stressfull enough, I suddenly found myself being a single parent to a teenager and having to work full time to afford my last year of undergrad. Grad school is my bright spot. It's my fresh start. I'll have a new apartment with all new furniture (cheaper than moving my existing things half-way across the country). I'll be at a school I love, doing work that I love, and I won't have to deal with the fear of bumping into my ex-husband every time I leave the ho
  11. My business cards have been invaluable at conferences and seem to garner a lot of positive response. I tried to make the design reflect my love for math, but still keep things useful for a non-math recipient of the card. The printed cards have rounded corners, and what looks grey on the screen is actually a metallic silver ink. As pears suggested, I keep enough room that I can jot down other information if needed. I like to think that when I'm handing someone a business card, it's not just a list of contact info, but rather a 2" x 3.5" sample of my personality.
  12. I'll be moving half-way across the country for grad school, so I've been mulling this decision as well. After pricing furniture in Baton Rouge, it just makes more sense to downsize what I have here and start over fresh down south. It will take some effort, but I should be able to get things into two carloads. I'll do one trip right after graduation to put a load of things into storage in BR. Then I'll do my summer program up here, load up the car one more time and head out for good. I'll be doing a yard sale once the weather is nicer. I have a few friends who have dibs on some of my bi
  13. Glad to hear you liked it. I'm very excited about making the move, but not so much about all of the downsizing I need to do before then. I'm doing a summer program at Cornell, so I need to be move-ready two weeks after graduation. Kind of wishing I had a magic "montage button" to speed things up. We are rehoming our two dogs. I just didn't feel like I would be able to give them the attention they need while spening most of my waking hours at school. It won't be easy on either my son or me, but it really is in the best interests of the pups in our particular circumstance.
  14. I am in the middle of a divorce that should be final before the end of the year. As devastating and stressful as it is, I'm glad it happened before the move half-way across the country and the onset of PhD-level workload. As it is, I'm looking at grad school as a chance at a fresh start.
  15. I will be doing my PhD in math. I hope you have a great time seeing the campus. It's much bigger than the tiny liberal arts school I'm attending now, but it is very beautiful. Let me know if you have any questions about living arrangements. I have several friends who have been grad students there for a few years, so they have been plying me full of suggestions.
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