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  1. Hey everyone- I've been looking for places and it seems the majority have baseboard heating. I've heard good and bad things- I've been told the worst it will run is $200 for 1500SF in the dead of winter.. I'll be living in London Ontario (long and cold winters) anyone have any experience with this kind of heating? Thanks!
  2. Seriously though, what's with all the carpeted apartments? I've never seen (online) so many buildings with nasty carpets. I'll be driving so hopefully I find something decent, and by that I mean quiet with some kinda hardwood or at least wood looking floors....sheesh.
  4. I had a terrible experience with an assinine prof in my MA. I had questions regarding an assignment (that was due after the course classes had finished), I tried to contact him to arrange a meeting- no reply. I submitted the paper- a month later I get my Mark via website- B+ (the only B I got) and I had questions. What was my mark on the paper and presentation. No reply. No contact nothing. I emailed, went to his office, called. nada. So I took it up with the program admin- who told me this prof has a bad rep for this sort of thing. It took a couple of weeks but the program director agr
  5. Got offered admissions to two programs with full funding. School A has a well known, established (maybe the best) program in the field and has a large number of graduate students and faculty. I took my MA and BA at this University (in different programs). So far, they haven't been very helpful or timely with providing info. For example I only just received information on funding yesterday, and still the letter is very (maybe almost intentionally) unclear. The other is a new program (phd started in 2009!), they are extremely helpful and eager to communicate. Had an hour long conversation w
  6. haha yes..it was a slight exaggeration.
  7. send a card via snail mail ... more meaningful and personal! or if possible drop by their office.
  8. thanks for the responses! My SO works in trades, so he is able to work anywhere really... It's the whole lifestyle that I'm worried about. He works 9-5 and ...well i'll be working 24/7!
  9. *bump* haven't accepted yet, still waiting to hear about funding
  10. yup im skeptical. made it through my MA but PhD is a whole new world of.... incompatability?
  11. Awesome, let us know what happens!
  12. You're waiting on York right? I finally got word last week. After getting nowhere with the coordinator, I contacted the program DIRECTOR- the next day I got an unofficial offer, two days later my online application said "admitted". Contact the director.
  13. accepted off the waitlist yesterday- after contacting the program director!
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