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  1. i am in the same boat. just started calling apt today, but they all seem so far. and the ones that are close seem to be overpriced for london (one benefit of attending western was escaping from toronto rent prices...). @apop please let me know if you find an area that is not so densely populated with undergrads ( i feel like staying away from the dt core may be the best bet??)
  2. thanks for all your comments ! I am going to go with a thank you card
  3. Hi all Ok so I am in, and done the semester so now I have to think about how to properly thank my profs. I am kinda confused, I am by no means wanting to give them a present, but it is between the email verses thank you card. Any input? The LOR were for MA programs, (3 profs in total) 2 I had one class each with (one was much more helpful than the other) and the third I have had a class and an additional year of independent research class ( all these classes were seminars). this last prof has been particularly helpful in providing me with grad advice, comments, etc. I also may be hi
  4. hi all, just found out that SFU has done first found poli sci. currently doing second round MA. hope this helps!
  5. Is no one headed to western this year ? or did i miss the other topic? anyways, Hi all future westerners ! anyone have an inside perspective about the campus ? I am coming from U of T so I hear the overall atmosphere is muuuuuuuch different
  6. email them! if you have an online account with them the official letter could be on there??
  7. haha thanks....after waiting this long it is hard to accept LOL i wrote back accepting the offer, so hopefully solidified by end of day! good luck!! i hope you don't have to wait too much longer for good news !!
  8. so this is twisted, but it is what this process has turned me into. SO finally got an accept, but now i am starting to think it is a mistake. the email said it would show up on my online student account, but nothing there so far... and i have read the horror stories posted on this board. sorry i just needed to vent my irrationality (my friends and family can't take it anymore...). i think i have PTSD from my other rejections...
  9. FYI SFU hopefuls: I emailed the grad secretary (Political Science dept) in terms of my status and got an autoreply she is away from her email from march 25 - april 6.
  10. was at home finishing an essay due in a few hours..... got the email on my phone (didnt have that gut feeling like previously) so did not even hesitate, saw the title... heart started pounding.. instantly focused on finding the world reject/regret or accept/please, saw pleased, started literally squealing and jumping all around my apt and called my mom. my neighbours may have me admitted.
  11. umm I am not really sure what constitutes as "good." my only offer of funding has been just over 16 000 for a one year poli sci ma. my thoughts that were covering tuition was considered good, and anything above that (especially for an ma program) was considered very good. @everygirl haha yeah it worked out that way. good luck to everyone! this process is mentally exhausting
  12. you still need to be optimistic ! not even an hour after i posted "guess no UWO for me" i received my UWO acceptance with great funding... this morning i had written off this entire process....
  13. well at least you are still in the ranks. i guess it is not THAT late in the canadian process to still not "know". thanks for that info! it means a lot ! in terms of uvic and uwo - nothing. nothing from sfu either. bad bad bad. i just lost all hope from uwo knowing now that first round has indeed gone out. blah.
  14. i am sorry to hear. i know how easy it is to get pessimistic, but i dont think you have to give up hope quite yet. I was just wondering ur uvic and UWO. did you receive an email from Uvic about 2 weeks ago stating they sent out first round? also when did you hear from UWO? just wondering i applied to both (ma) and have heard NOTHING from uwo and got that email from Uvic. yet i keep hearing a few people sporadically saying they heard something from uwo and it is driving me nuts!
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