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  1. Also have heard from Berkeley-- they were my #1 of the places I got interviews, so I'm almost definitely going there. Still will be checking out Boston U though.
  2. Anyone heading to Berkeley tomorrow?
  3. Yes, that was me that posted-- I don't know if they're done giving out invites, but I asked my interviewer how competitive it was and he said that ~30 people would be invited to interview at the BU campus and about 20 would be accepted. These numbers seemed odd to me since he said that the class size was about 15. That would mean that ~75% of accepted people actually enroll, which seems very high (isn't it ~50% for MIT or something?).
  4. I got this email from BU a few days ago but haven't heard anything yet about the phone interview:
  5. Phone interview with BU Comp Neuro!
  6. @RyanCho They gave us two 45-min faculty choice interviews and three 30-min interviews with admissions committee members. Some of your chosen faculty may be on the admissions committee though, so you may end up talking to than two of the seven people on your list. I ended up with my #1, #3, and #4-- the other adcom members I'm talking to were not on my list.
  7. Yeah, my faculty choice interviewers are Joel Mainland and Yale Cohen. I read an article on interviews a few weeks ago and thought I remembered that they were usually 20 minutes each-- these 45 min interviews seem long. My name is Sean by the way. See you tomorrow!
  8. My flight gets in about 4:30, so I expect to get to the hotel at 5:30 or so. Will you be attending the dinner?
  9. Anyone else heading to Penn this Thursday (1/17)?
  10. I fly like paper Get high like planes WUSTL rejections are here And they kick me in the balls
  11. I got an invite from them pretty early and they listed both dates (1/18 and 2/8). When I was arranging things they wanted me to do the second weekend, so I assume you only heard about the second because the first one filled up. On another note, hooray for my first official rejection! UCSF
  12. I applied to computational tracks. You can see in my sig where I've heard from.
  13. Welcome ak1921. That's an impressive interview record there! I don't think anyone's heard from the 5 schools you haven't heard from yet, but judging from the fact that you nailed interviews at MIT and Harvard, I think your chances are high.
  14. @HS2013: Congratualtions! What are your stats? I am anxiously awaiting an email now, but I'm not too optimistic
  15. @meow123: are you applying to neuroscience programs? That would be interesting if you were applying with some kind of education focus (which is what it says in your profile sidebar. As for me, I didn't apply there.
  16. Got an invite from UC Berkeley. Sweet. They rejected me for undergrad 8 years ago... @leealex0201: I did not contact any PIs so I can't speak as to whether they are sincere when they respond to students, but that would be pretty sh*tty if they sent everyone same the form response. Did they mention specific stuff off your CV/etc in their responses? Good luck to you over the next few weeks.
  17. @kmb268: I don't think UCLA has sent out any interview requests yet, so you've still got a shot with at least two. I'm not sure about waves of interview requests. It seems strange to me that they wouldn't send out rejection emails after interview invites if there wasn't still at least SOME chance of being recruited (isn't it just one miserable mass email?), but perhaps that is overly optimistic.
  18. Just received a phone call from a mysterious number... my heart rate shot up and I jumped up and nearly ran outside with my cell... ... HEALTH INSURANCE TELEMARKETING
  19. The "Results Search" page says something slightly ambiguous. For one of the UCSF interview listings, the note is This sounds bad, but there's an alternative (and unlikely) interpretation that all interviews offers will be sent by an admin person (as opposed to a faculty member). Can someone confirm the negative interpretation? Can we consider ourselves rejected if we have not yet received a UCSF invite?
  20. Does anybody have a good source of interviewee acceptance rates? I've looked around but haven't found much-- only this Mainly it says that rates vary widely by school. Seems like the most frequently appearing estimates are 60-70%. Anyone have some school specific inside information?
  21. Congrats to all you UCSF invites! I now can't stop refreshing my inbox looking for UW, UCSF, and Wash U SL...
  22. @SMcrumble: I think it's definitely a good idea to send an email to at least make sure the editor connects your application with the paper he just accepted for publication. A bunch of schools tell you to feel free to contact them after application submission, and you actually have a legitimate subject to talk about.
  23. So UW has started sending out invites... I used pretty much the same SOP for UW as UCLA, and, in a literally last minute rush to submit the application by 3 AM (EST) on December 1st, I accidentally left a "UCLA" in one sentence of the version I sent to UW. A few days later, when I discovered the error, I requested the opportunity to fix it but received no response. Do you guys think this kind of error would be enough to do me in? I imagine that the adcoms would overlook this for a qualified candidate, but they might still feel slightly offended/think I have poor attention to detail.
  24. Anyone heard from anywhere yet? I applied to 14 schools and have so far gotten an interview request from UPenn and nothing from anywhere else. I have no idea whether other places have started requesting interviews-- this seems really early. I'm starting this thread so that we have a record of when schools start communicating with applicants. Post your interviews/acceptances/rejections for Neuroscience programs!
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