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  1. At my school, current grad students fill out review forms regarding our interactions with prospectives. Obviously faculty make their own decisions, but they do tend to consider our impressions. We had a case recently where most of the students expressed concern over a particular applicant, concerns that were largely ignored. At least one faculty member has since expressed that they wish they had listened more to our hunches. The take away is that you should realize that you are being appraised with every interaction, the moment you arrive, from the current students, the departmental secret
  2. http://forums.studentdoctor.net/showthread.php?t=965257 on this link, there is a list of counseling psych interviews that have already been scheduled. You can also go the the "search results" portion of this site, and type in "Counseling Psychology" and you will find information.
  3. That's a fairly broad question. :-) What news exactly are you looking for?
  4. The programs I am familiar with usually bring in 2-6 applicants for 1 (in the rare case 2, and more frequently 0) spots with each POI.
  5. Liz, I've never lived in Nashville, but I have quite a few lesbian friends who do. They seem very satisfied with it, lots of live music and other places to hang out. If you have more specific questions, either post them or PM me, and I will ask my friends.
  6. Excellent! Thank you for the information on Louisville. :-)
  7. The APA website has a pretty nifty search tool for looking up programs. I think it is $20 or $30 for 3 months of access. Totally worth it if you want to do something like search for terminal masters programs in a specific geographic area.
  8. Do you mean Counseling Psychology, or Mental Health Counseling? There is a difference.
  9. More than one of the programs I applied to indicated that you should make contact with the POI before submitting the application, but I realize that this isn't true for all programs.
  10. The Andy Field book is pretty awesome. I'm starting to mess around with R, and considering buying that version of the book too (I already have it for SPSS).
  11. Did somebody say something about an interview thread? I haven't seen one, but I just wanted to check.
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