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  1. Thanks for the feedback everyone, the good news is I do have a plan b (i got accepted to a culinary school) something I've always had in the back of my mind if this whole masters thing doesnt work out...About my writing samples: i talk about my experiences working in the field and how it personally impacted me to want to study this more and reinforced my passion for this field..I made sure to emphasize certain individuals i worked w/ in particular and how my guidance helped them become better and how it made me feel...I think I might take the MATS next year actually (no math..and for me thats a good thing) so i just wanna hear some feedback on my temple story, what do u think all that means? from the way they contacted me..to now?
  2. I know my gpa is too low for Phd..i didnt actually realize this until later, but surely it cant be too low for masters programs..why would temple contact me before the application deadline to interview me? It seems to me that if they really thought i wasnt competitive enough they wouldve rejected me right off the bat as alot of other schools already did..i guess im just trying to stay positive..
  3. i applied to NYU's MA program in Psychology...i still havent heard anything.then again it says their deadline is may 15? but that seems sooooo late to me,
  4. Ok, so this is gonna be a long post so i apologize in advance but this is something ive been losing sleep over on a day to day basis and i am posting this as a cry for help b/c i feel like im so stuck right now w/ very limited options.. I graduated from Penn State in Dec.2008 w/ a psych degree and a 3.09 gpa...I applied to several grad schools and both doctorate and masters program (yea i know, im kicking myself right now..why the hell didnt i just apply to all masters?) The schools I applied to are: GW,Rutgers,American,Temple,NYU,Boston University,and Pitt...My number 1 choice is temple..i love their counseling psychology program and I love phillie, it would be a dream come true to get accepted and to move there in the fall.. Okay, so I got rejected from every single grad school except Temple,NYU,and Boston but I also havent heard anything back from those schools yet and its already mid-April..I am really confused about Temple b/c their deadline was Feb.1st and they contacted me in mid January (shortly after I sent the last of my app materials in) they wanted me to come in for an interview..the guy for some reason stressed that it would be most beneficial for me personally if i come on Feb13..so of course I went, the interview went really well..it was a group interview but I still felt like i got my voice heard..at the q&a session they held after the interview they tell us that they only accept 20 or so students each year..so of course I flip out and have been nervous and anxious ever since. And the fact that I am not accepted anywhere yet has gotten me soooo nervous.. Sometime after the interview I get a little insider info from a guy who works there who also works for my dad at his company that he talked to the people over in that dept and the lady there told him that its surely a good sign that they didnt contact me after the interview..ok good news right? Its almost the end of April, I have been rejected from every grad school that has gotten back to me so far and I am on my breaking point here..I called temple a bunch of times, finally someone got back to me and said she would check out what the holdup was on my application and if theyve even reviewed it yet...i just feel like the longer i am waiting the smaller chance i have of getting accepted... My GRE scores are extremely low...i took the general and the psych one and here are my exact scores: Verbal: 440 Math: 250 Psych: 580 I know i know...im a horrible standardized test taker but thats the only downside to my application i feel like b/c everything else is good...i have a good resume (I volunteered at a crisis hotline, worked w/ Mentally challenged patients in group homes, worked w/ kids in school settings) i have a 3.09 gpa..my transcript is good..(more a's and b's than c's i think) and i know my profs gave me good recommendations..so why the hell am i getting rejected left and right? do the gre scores really matter that much especially when they see that everything else about me is good and doesnt match up? im so confused and lost about everything..all this waiting and rejecting and compulsive mail checking has caused panic attacks, there are times when i just break down and cry b.c i have no idea whats gonna happen...i dont mean to be dramatic on everyone but im just telling the truth b/c i dont know what to do anymore, psychology is something I knew for a lonngg time that that is what I wanted to do for a career and I just feel like all my hardwork isnt paying off, the past 3months have been nothing but waiting,dissappointment and straight up heartache...what the heck should i do? please help!!! PS: I was browsing the topics before i joined..i find it a little more comforting knowing that there are other people out there in the same boat as me if u kno what i mean..i wish we would all just get in somewhere already!!
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