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  1. Hey everyone, I'm going for a PhD in Visual Studies/ Film and I was trying to figure out the rankings for these programs. However the USNews doesn't seem to offer any kind of guidance, so for those of you out there going for the same thing, how do you rank the quality of your program?
  2. Lorelei17

    Irvine, CA

    People that are going to visit Irvine this weekend please send updates on your views and opinions!!!
  3. Hey! I sent an email asking for my status so it was a personal email. I know they interviewed ppl last week by phone so... not very optimistic either BUT last year I got rejected in mid February so maybe all of those who are still waiting like me are still in the game!
  4. Lorelei17

    Irvine, CA

    hey thanks for being honest! Can you tell me why you found it so soul-draining? I have been stuck in rural PA for 2 years and think nothing can get worst than this so I'm curious to hear more! thanks!
  5. hey guys! just got an email from NYU - Cinema Studies telling me that they are still deliberating (there's 17 departments in the Humanities apparently) and we should get some answers in the next 3 weeks! hope it helped!
  6. Lorelei17

    Irvine, CA

    So my question is; can we commute from Irvine to some Silverlake LA or Long Beach? All my professors say that's what they do and although there's traffic you have lots of culture in these pockets. Also that with a car you can get anywhere and not be locked in the enviroment everyone has described here concerned to Irvine. Also - how's the grad population? Active? Dull? People that are at Irvine - do you take advantage of the LA cultural life?
  7. So it depends on the department, is that it? another month is cruel!
  8. Really? April!? But that's tough when you want to figure out your life before the "official deadline" of April 15! Any one got word from NYU earlier on? I got refused last year in mid February and I know Comparative Literature sent some decisions last week!
  9. Hello, I applied to NYU Cinematic Arts last year -rejected - and I'm applying again this year. however they are taking a long time to get back to me compared with last year and I was wondering if that's because I'm waitlisted and I don't know. Is that possible? Other people waiting out here are STILL waiting out for NYU letters? thanks! Hannah
  10. Hello everyone, So I was accepted to both these schools, both with good funding offers. Now the location is REALLY important to me. I've been stuck in Central Pennsylvania for 2 years and rather miserable about its lack of culture, diversity of a real social life. I'm into film so it's a major thing to me to be around people who are as passionate about it as I am. So, which coast? West or East? And which campus is more in tune with my needs? thanks!
  11. Lorelei17

    State College, PA

    Hey all, I am a Phd student in Comparative Lit. at Penn State and I can only tell you that half of my incoming class is dropping out, and so am I. I have heard good things about science programs here but my ex , a PhD student at Computer Sciences also dropped out last year because they were so unfriendly, hostile and plain anti-social in his department. My gay friends do endure the horror of being bashed and are afraid to walk at night by themselves amongst the loud drunk jocks. It's heavily important to be into frats, partying and football here - academics come next. Everybody seems to be married and have a morgage. No racial/gender/cultural diversity. It's very rural and you are in the middle of nowhere. No real transportation to major cities, only an overpriced bus called Chinatown bus - imagine the conditions of that. Don't get fooled with the idea you can go to NYC all the time - only if you have a car and 8 hours to spend in a roundtrip. If you want diversity and cultural stimuli, do NOT come here, you'll not find it. Undergrds seem to love it but for grads it's a sad, isolated life with bad cold weather for 6 out of 9 school months. hope it helped!
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