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  1. I love this, it made me laugh....and I realized I need to go to the dentist too.
  2. As a side not, what are you career goals with a ph.d in school psych? I myself am doing an Ed.S program, and I was curious about the differences as far as careers go between the two.
  3. LTee


    I will not be receiving funding for my masters program, and Im getting kinda nervous about the amount of loans I will accrue. I will be attending a small private school that offers very little outside of loans and a few competitive scholarships. The three year program will cost me roughly $45,000, not including living expenses. Im not going into a research field or attending a large university where I can be a TA or work in a lab, and frankly Im excited and proud that I even got into some of the schools that I applied to (I had a low GPA and GRE scores.) Anyways, if Im not offered anything outside of loans this year, is there a possibility that as I get to know the school and professors that maybe I can get some sort of funding for my second year? I sometimes think Im crazy for considering taking out loans for 2-3 years, but then again if it's a field that Im passionate about and can make decent money eventually it's all worth it right? Im hoping a part time job will be feasible also. Any insight folks?
  4. This all seems like good advice. Im facing the LDR situation also. Im in a serious relationship with the person I want to be with for the rest of my life. BUT, the best thing for me right now is to attend my graduate program where I was accepted in Oregon, and the best thing for him is to finish up his degree in state (CO). I keep telling myself that we'll both benefit from this situation in 2-3 years, but I am terrified.
  5. LTee

    School Psychology

    Did any of you guys get any tuition waivers/assistantships for your program? Or will you be relying on loans?
  6. I was considering applying to a masters program for Educational Psych (if I don't get into school psych programs), but Im unclear as to what kind of jobs are available for this degree, maybe you know?
  7. I went to CU for my undergrad and I highly recommend it, plus Boulder is a great town, although I don't know anything about your program
  8. LTee

    School Psychology

    Well Im actually referring to the school in general, its a small unknown school. I feel like Ive seen school psych program ratings somewhere online but I cant remember where. Do you think its more about the certification that where one goes to school, I know theres a national shortage of school psychs, but with the debt I will be accruing I just want to make sure Ill get a job right away regardless of where I go to school.
  9. LTee

    School Psychology

    hey guys, I was wondering how important school rank is in the school psych field? The only school that Ive gotten into as of yet isnt very well ranked, but then again does it matter? We just get certified and start working right?
  10. this reminded me of me, I also struggled with the 'should I dance' or 'should I study a realistic discipline.' I also ended up minoring in dance and majoring in psych. Sometimes during the midst of this grad app process I wonder if I should just run away and dance for a year........but I cant. As far as grad school goes, I applied last year and didnt get in, this year the only school Ive gotten into so far is one that Im not sure I want to go to. Now I feel like Im trying to talk myself into applying next year to a different subject (simlilar though.) But then I was have your worries too because every year that I "wait till next year" Im getting older. I feel like Im just ranting, anyways 26 is not old at all.
  11. Im considering one last late app to an educational psych program here in Colorado, BUT Im curious, what does one actually do with that degree?
  12. Im in a similar situation, the (most likely) only school I got into, Im having serious second thoughts about. While Im not to concerned about the location, Im just worried that the school itself isn't a good fit for me. But in the end it will lead to the the degree I want. I will be entering a LDR with my bf if I go, as well as taking out serious loans for the program. I figured if I got into a school that I was really excited about, that these downfalls wouldn't be so hard to face. But it seems like I didn't really know which school I was genuinely excited about until after Id begun the app process. So in general, should one take the only offer they have? And Im curious as to why people say next year will be better?
  13. One of what might be my only acceptance is from a very small school, most of the classes are in like two buildings. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this? Im worried that it might not have the social/campus feel that I want, but then again maybe it doesn't matter? It seems to be part of the reason Im hesitating about the decision, because I had this vision of me attending grad school on a campus environment. This school is more of a satellite school from a larger university. However it is in a large city. There are few other reservations I have about this school, but should I even let things like size bother me? In the end it probably wont effect me career wise, but I do want to have the best experience possible. Sorry that was so long, Any thoughts?
  14. I just read in another post that if you have accepted a position a school, then its legally binding after April 15th? Is this true? Im still waiting to hear on another school that may or may not let know after the date. How exactly can you be legally binded to attending a school EVEN if you have accepted? I understand all the logistics of accepting and then deciding not to go (waitlisted folks, funding, etc.) but still
  15. Im kinda in this same position, but Im applying for School Psych Ed.S programs. Im under the impression from the school psych's Ive talked to that as long as you have the appropriate certification, then your good. They both said that in interviews no one has ever asked them what school they went to. If you have a chance to spend less Id do it. But Im curious to hear what other people think.
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