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  1. I officially completed my first semester of graduate school as of Tuesday! I never thought I would see the day!!

  2. I too am a runner...the longer the distance, the better. On the 3 days I am in the city of my University, I hit the school gym after classes to run at least a minimum of 3 miles on the treadmill. Since it is pretty late when I get out of classes, I don't like to stay at the gym too long. The rest of the week I run in the mornings through my community or in the woods behind my house. Running is the one thing that keeps me sane!
  3. Well, I'm not a Doctoral student, I'm a Specialist student (in between a doctoral level and a masters level), but I thought I would add my schedule in here. For my program, 9 hours is full time. I am taking 11 hours and 3 classes (2 of which have practicums). Monday: Work 10:00a-3:00p Break 3:00p-5:30p Class 5:30p-9:20p Tuesday: Work 8:30a-1:30p Break 1:30p-5:30p Class 5:30p-8:20p Wednesday: Work 8:30a-1:30p Break 1:30p-5:30p Class 5:30p-9:20p Thurday: Practica- in school district observing School Psychologist (I have to get in 50 hours during the semester for this practica) Friday: Practica- adminstrating IQ tests to people (I also have to get 50 hrs in this semester for this practica)
  4. I started my classes on Monday, August 30th. Let me just tell you, I was an emotional wreck the night before classes started and the night right after my first class had ended. So I live an hour and a half away from the University I attend, therefore I stay with a friend at her apartment (which is right across from the University) Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights so I do not have to commute so much during the week. The night before classes started, I was at home trying to pick out the clothes I would take with me for the week...and I just started crying for no reason what-so-ever! The next morning, I finish packing everything for the week and take off on my hour and a half commute to school. I then go to my first day at my new job on campus (data entry stuff) and learn what I will be doing. Then I have a class from 5:30 pm to 9:20 pm. That was my first day of graduate school. I went to my friend's apartment after class and I was feeling sort of depressed but not fully. While I'm talking to my friend that I stay with during the week, I start to cry again. I told her not to think anything of it and that in a week or two, I would be used to the change and will look back and think to myself that I stupid for crying. I have never been a person who likes changes and it started to overwhelm me with all the new changes: Starting a new program, starting a new job, having all night classes, staying in a new place during the week, not getting to see my mini chihuahua (LoRyder) for several days, missing my mom and fiance, etc. By the second day, I was back to normal and loving my grad program and am super excited about all the stuff I get to do this semester. I didn't even have to wait a full week or two to feel stupid for crying...I got to feel stupid the very next day! The people in my cohort are great and I am loving my profs thus far. It's going to be a super busy semester, but I am finally getting to do what I really love and could not be any happier!!
  5. Just changed my application status from "Fall 2010" to "Already Attending!!" YAY!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. jlee306


      It really does!!

    3. bgk


      Maybe there should be an "I made it!!" status?

    4. Bumblebee


      I vote for that

  6. I set a new PR in a 5k today! YAY!

  7. Wish they would post the text books I need!

  8. Happy Birthday To Me! My Bday is in my profile but gradcafe isn't displaying it :(

    1. jlee306


      Yay! Gradcafe shows my bday now!

    2. Bumblebee


      Well, happy birthday then! (sorry for not saying it until a day later - time difference, I was sleeping, ha, ha)

  9. Yes! I registered in early May as soon as I could! I will be taking an Intro to School Psy class, Cognitive Assessment class, and a Learning and Cognition class. Plus two practicums that go with the intro class and the cog assessment class. One of those practicums I will be shadowing a School Psychologist around and in the other practicum I will be doing IQ testing to volunteers. I am sooooo excited!
  10. I agree with Phalène. For example, if your name is Jane Rose Smith now, you could use Jane Rose Smith-Patterson (Patterson being the man's last name) after you are married. I would think that people would know that you are the same person who published the previous stuff because most people know women take on a new name when they get married. At least this way, you will still have your maiden last name to show and your married name.
  11. Graduated with my BA in Psychology today! Specialist in School Psychology grad program, here I come!

  12. I don't know how you cannot watch LOST! On Mondays, I'm like: "Ehhhhh, 1 day til Lost!!!" Then on Tuesday mornings, I'm like: "I can't wait wait til LOST comes on tonight!!!" (and then I start a countdown). Then after the show goes off, I'm like: "Ohhhhhhh, 1 week til LOST!!!" It's really bad! But watching hours of LOST at once sounds like fun!!!
  13. OMG!!!! LOST is my reason for living (attention: nerd alert). I will miss it soooooo much! But I will not miss the guilty feeling I have while watching it and thinking that I should be doing school work instead.
  14. Congrats!! That's great!
  15. They probably just haven't updated your status. I'm sure everything will turn out great for you. Good luck!
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