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  1. There is a waitlist. Judging from this forum, it's as long as the list of accepted people. Gosh, good luck everyone...
  2. Yeah, exactly. And considering the prestige of people like Mike Lynch, Trevor Pinch, Steve Hilgartner... Yeah.
  3. I really wish someone who got in would contribute here! What are your interests, twchristopher, moraurora, and ldh? I'm afraid I have to waffle on this on the public board, but I would be happy to share mine once my situation with regard to this department becomes clearer, or via private chat.
  4. Huh, interesting. I'm at Cornell, and I take classes in the Science and Technology Studies department. My understanding is that HASTS is pretty similar, but maybe with more of an emphasis on the "history" piece. The first thing I think of when I think about STS/Sociology of Science is not so much field work, so that's an interesting approach. In STS here, and in the Anthro programs that some of the HASTS faculty come out of, the emphasis is on theory and criticism. I would look at the journal Social Studies of Science to get a better idea of what the STS side of that program is all about.
  5. I'm a big tech nerd. Another caveat I didn't notice in this thread: NETWORKS. There are 2 kinds of cell networks in the states. Phones built for one don't work on the other. iPhones only work on ATT and T-Mobile. ATT: half-assed coverage, but everywhere T-Mobile: excellent coverage in most big cities, but leave downtown and you're stuck with no reception. AT ALL. Even in medium cities near the big city. You might have trouble convincing a carrier to let you use all your phone's features on their network. In the US, ATT has a stranglehold on iPhones, and controls what you can do
  6. Sounds like a scam, stay away! Or, so anal that they won't rent to grad students, anyway...
  7. Yeah, I paid my bill late almost every semester as an undergrad because the financial aid billing was going through a lot of changes. I was always registered within a couple days of talking to someone, and it was fine!
  8. If you don't pay your bursar bill, you can't register for classes, ride the bus, or officially participate in campus life at all. And they'll charge you interest once you're overdue for a certain amount of time. Of course, in practice, crying works to get deadlines pushed back... Teagle is really close to Upson and collegetown. You could just walk. If you really want to park, there's free after 5pm parking up at Helen Newman. To park near Teagle, you'd have to walk across the street to the parking garage, which I believe is also free after 5?
  9. I've been saying for 3 years that when I started grad school I would shave my head. It wouldn't look any less professional than my uncontrollable semi-afro, so. Plus, given the town where I'm going to school, it would make me blend in more with the townsfolk and long-term grads that are already here. I'm not sure if I'm going to follow through... I should! I shouldn't. I should! I shouldn't.
  10. You can walk to Helen Newman Hall any day of the year, pay for your gym fee by credit card or add it to your bursar bill. They will program your card then and there, AND give you a paper receipt so you can use the gyms immediately if, for some reason, your card isn't activated immediately. If you haven't opted to purchase the gym membership yet and you're strapped for cash, wait until you get here and go in person. But if you already opted in, and it's on your bursar bill... The gym you mention on the "far southwest" is probably Noyes? If so, it is tiny, meaning there's often no equi
  11. I think there's a lot of over-thinking going on in this thread. Grad students at my undergrad/future grad dress worse than the undergrads. Frumpy, nothing fits, old things from the 90s when we were freshmen in high school. I think anyone who's worried enough to still be reading Grad Cafe will be juuuuuust fine. Plus, remember how so many of the posters on this forum showed up to campus visits wwaaaaaaayyyyyyyy overdressed? We'll all be fiiiine. Last year, I got a couple pairs of skinny, non-jean pants (Banana Republic, Urban Outfitters, and Old Navy). Now I just wear those with tuni
  12. I checked on this. August 23rd was the answer I got. That's the day of registration. Danya
  13. My $0.02 on this: - Cornell Card. I had it as an undergrad. It shows up on your bursar bill, but it's billed separately, and gets finance charges applied separately and, I think, at a higher rate. My parents flaked out on helping me pay it, I rolled it over from semester to semester, and eventually spent over a year paying it back. Boo. It's a credit card that's semi-attached to your bursar bill. You can use it many places on campus. You can use Cornell card and Big Red Bucks (prepaid food account) at dining halls, campus cafes, and for food in campus stores. You can't use BRB for NON-f
  14. Tough. Landlords aren't very nice about letting people out of leases around here, so good luck... I would ask ASAP so you know what your options are. I second posting to your department's listserv. I got a roommate through the housing listserv pretty quickly, but that was months ago. Also, try posting to the shared apartments on Craigslist. As for ID cards... They can take your picture when you get there. They say they can't to speed things up by having most of them done ahead of time. They might charge you the day of, too? Most of the orientation programs are run by department, or MA
  15. My biggest caution is on the ground floor apartment. Watch out for mold. Even if you don't see it. Musty, old smell? "Stuffy" feeling? RUN. It's not hard to develop a mold allergy which results in always having a "cold", or developing asthma, or getting bronchitis a lot. This happened to me and it's had long-lasting effects. Several co-workers have also had this problem. Ithaca is humid, and then it's cold, and that's how you get mold. State and Stewart sounds nice. A lot of old houses have too-powerful heat. Plus, heat rises, so the top floor will probably be the warmest. State and Ste
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