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  1. I haven't been here in a little over a year. I need to start applying for a PhD soon...

  2. I have a friend who is in the UCLA MFA Animation program. She was accepted 2 years ago. I wish you guys good luck!
  3. Going to fail my exam on Monday...=(

  4. I have a friend in this program. And knowing that they only accept 4 a year is pretty crazy.
  5. Transferring to another program would take another year of waiting since I won't be able to just apply after I complete my first year and start that same year at the new school. I feel like I've wasted a lot of time...and there's only one program I feel would make me absolutely happy in transferring, but they're so darn biased. Accepting 14 of their own undergrads for their program and only 5 outsiders. To make things worse, I can't even secure a TA or RA position. No TA position because I don't have any grades to show from the school aside from the ones I earned now. What about other p
  6. Well I'm crossing my fingers that things will eventually get better. That they will replace the classes with something better and the Professor I want to work with gets tons of funding. I wish I could transfer to another program, but it's not that simple since I would need to get another set of LORs which will be extremely difficult.
  7. I was first rejected by my top choice school last year and so I went with my third choice at the time. I was pretty bummed about going there, but realized that they had more to offer than I realized. Fast forward to completing my first semester of grad school... It sucks here! The ONLY Professor I wanted to work with has no funding now. The classes which helped defined the program and the school are NOW no longer offered. My friends (at this school) and I are pretty much pissed about the whole thing. We all actually had the same idea and that's why they chose to go here. Now we're al
  8. They could do either of the following: -Reject you -Email you asking you to get that LOR in or to find a replacement before they review your application -Accept you -Email you asking you to get that LOR in or to find a replacement before they can offer you admission. These are some things that happened to me last year.
  9. For those who are panicking about late LORs. You have a ton of time and don't exactly have to have them submitted by the deadline. Schools know that Professors are late with these things, but you should try to get them in by January at least. The schools will bug you for the missing letter when it comes to that time. I didn't have all 3 letters in till mid-February.
  10. I think you have a good shot at a top 20 to 30 school at least. Without any kind of research experience, I'm not too sure you could get into any top 10 school (though I would still give it a shot if I were in your shoes). As an undergrad you could have probably got by without any real research experience, but they usually expect more research experience from those with a MS.
  11. I have a 3.09 GPA and managed to get into grad school. I did get into a top 20 school, but didn't want to attend and I settled for a school in the top 30s instead. I have a friend who goes to one of the top 5 schools and graduated with a 2.9 GPA alongside me. I've also been offered a Fellowship as a MS student for another school because they deemed me as a top entering student. Is it possible to get into grad school with a low GPA? Sure it is, but you should be pretty realistic about the schools you apply to based on your background.
  12. I'm in my first semester doing a MS. The ONLY Professor who I wanted to work with doesn't have funding at all and will not know till January (not that MS students normally get funded by an advisor here). I have conflicting interests with the other Professors here sadly and that Professor is actually the only one here I find interesting. Now the good side of things here would be that I made 3 excellent first year friends also who share the same interests as I do. So I'll be taking classes with them until we all graduate. The Professor I'm interested in also has given my friends and I a f
  13. I sat in on a HCI class that goes into talking about augmented reality.
  14. When you say you'll be working on a research paper. Does that mean you'll be published?
  15. first midterm in 13 hours for grad school

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