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  1. no I havent visisted any of the schools. I'm starting to give up hope on both UCLA and USC. Not a big deal, I got into SCAD and I hear it's a great school for animation.
  2. I sent an email to USC asking the same thing. Thay said: The waitlist for the Animation program will remain open throughout the summer. Should you be selected from the waitlist, we will contact you immediately. sounds like there are no places available right now.. and.......I havent heard anything from UCLA =(
  3. MJ5

    Post your website or other link to your artwork

    http://www.sites.google.com/site/mjvenegas5 =P
  4. hi, yeah I applied to UCLA too, and havent heard a word yet. :/ I guess we'll probably heard something on april.
  5. ohh wow there seems to be a lot of people on the waitlist! o_O
  6. MJ5

    USC waitlist

    Animation & Digital Arts MFA =(
  7. ooh I see... a long wait. =/ Heey, what about you? did you get an acceptance/rejection/waitlist letter this week?
  8. MJ5

    USC waitlist

    Does anybody know how this list works at USC? I got the email a few minutes ago and I don't know what to think right know. How should I feel about my chances?
  9. i'm on the waitlist too. :/ is it possible to know the position we are in?
  10. MJ5

    Decision speed?

    scholarship!! if they mentioned it on the letter it must be true! woow! again... congratulations! that's truly amazing.
  11. MJ5

    Waiting part II: my comic

    hahahaha awesome comic!
  12. MJ5

    The Silence is Killing Me!

    this week! I wouldnt even wait until friday :/
  13. MJ5

    Decision speed?

    you got into USC, congratulations!!!!

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