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  1. The program I emailed was ut houston but still no reply. Ugh.
  2. Yea I semi know the feeling. Emailed a program today asking about my status and I'm scared I will click my email and see a rejection. It's not a good feeling at all.
  3. Cool. Just getting a little discouraged because some people have reported they have been accepted already. Maybe these are the cream of crop applicants.
  4. Hey SS2player, have to tried to contact UT Houston about your post interview status? Just wandering if you were notified about your status all since the interview cause I've heard nothing. I know its spring break so they are not there but getting a little nervous now.
  5. Someone who had an interview at the last session told me they will send admins out to them in a week and if you haven't heard from them by then. You are likely wait listed, which is what I think I am right now. Don't see how you interview first round and get pushed to the wait list so easily. Annoying.
  6. Did you get rejected from UTHSC with no interview? or post interview?
  7. Typed on my cell phone, haha. Looks really off on sentence structure.
  8. I had to go the Masters route also. I was not offered admissions my first go around To the four schools I applied to either, but one offered me a Masters so I took the chance. I think the deadlines are usually in April for some programs so start applying now. It's not as hard to get in to one, it helps you really develop the skills you may be lacking As a researcher before your phD and you can always reapply for a PhD once you are done, Now with more experience.
  9. Yep I'll post for sure either way it goes, hopefully it's good news.
  10. I did also but no I've heard nothing since they sent the thank you for coming email. Which program did you interview for? I did immunology.
  11. It's actually March 7-9th, sorry I gave the wrong date last time. It's possible you still have a shot, they just had their second interview weekend and I still have heard nothing from admission about acceptances for the first weekend. Take into account that flights need to be booked a few weeks in advanced so it might be that it's a rejection or a delayed invite.
  12. has anyone been accepted yet? Still haven't seen any good news from anyone yet.
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