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    I enjoy reading, oil painting, and studying mandarin in my spare time. Looking for good recommendations on books in the east asian international politics/china's international politics field :)

    Currently reading: Blood Rites, Dresden Files
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  1. I'm really enjoying the program. There's always something interesting going on, the career services are pretty fantastic, and interacting with fellow people interested in the same field as me is really inspiring. Regarding funding, aside from the fellowship, I think you can qualify for funding based on merit, but not too many people will get an offer. However, there are a good amount of TA/RA opportunities around and that will help out a lot with reducing how much fees are. For my application, from what I remember the advice I was offered was keep it as short and to the point as possible.
  2. Super excited about admittance to UCSD! Time to research loan specs like a fiend!

  3. I actually haven't had dating experiences while in my undergrad (long story short, juggling classes and internships + study abroad for a year), so I'm kind of looking forward to the potential dating prospects in my grad program. Though I must admit the stories in the thread are simultaneously funny and fear inducing.
  4. I was admitted March 8th. Not a veteran, and never had more than part time experience working during school and volunteering at NGOs, and about to graduate from my undergraduate in May. I did have amazing letter of reference, and a very clear and concise statement of purpose I spent a month and a half on with help. My focus is intl politics with a specialization in China, and I'm currently interested in intelligence especially related to East Asia conflicts, though the whole field fascinates me and at this point working at a three letter department would be a dream job experience.
  5. I've got no funding as well.... I'm still going to go since I heard from current students that there are good opportunities on campus to work and help with the fees if you look for them.
  6. I got an email letting me know I had a new message in my UCSD application, and when I logged in and checked my messages there it was. It seems like UCSD is staggering the messages they send out to applicants, since someone at the top of the post got their message at the beginning of last week I believe, and I got my message at 1am last Friday (maybe it was computer automated?) Anyway, don't stress, the wait is almost over! Regardless of the decision, you did your best and that's all we can do as potential graduate students.
  7. Just got my nomination for admission from UCSD's IRPS on Friday! Now I'm dying for funding news while I search for scholarships and fellowships Congratulations to everyone who got in so far!
  8. Anyone got advice on approaching the second essay for MPIA? I'm a bit worried about mine.... I'm approaching it as how the US's approach to the Senkaku-Diaoyu dispute changed my views on initiative and the role of leadership and actions taken by countries in leader roles like the US...
  9. Hey all, SDSU undergrad applying to graduate schools here. I was wondering if any of you have heard of this undergraduate attitude or mentality that UGs tend to have. I've run into this term online a few times, and from another professor. They mentioned there was a difference between a UG mindset and a graduate student mindset. Anyone heard of this and would like to explain? I'm really curious Thanks and happy new years!
  10. Congratulations! Time to celebrate and take a breath of fresh air
  11. IMO I thought college was the place to learn to think more critically and grow some thick skin.
  12. Applied for intermediate mandarin, fingers crossed (options for placement are Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi'An, hoping for Beijing )
  13. Thank you I emailed my professor from abroad one more time last night, and she responded this morning!! Apparently a lot of her students complained in November about not receiving emails back, and it turned out that almost all of her emails have been getting sent into spam! She apologized for what happened and promised to write my letter post haste (tomorrow) and send it out!! Luckily for me, I always remained respectful and at most curious about the lack of response, and it paid off in the end!!! Seriously excited, sorry for the long post. I've been grappling with another professor for that
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