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  1. I am feeling a little better now that I found a spelling error in my rejection letter.
  2. I got rejected. Boo. But I suppose it's nice I won't have to live across the world from my husband.
  3. Are there any computer geniuses among us? Someone who could hack into the Fulbright system and tell us if we made it? I kid, I kid.....but seriously!
  4. Congrats! That's excellent, and you are so lucky to have a ruling-breaking campus advisor!!!! Go out and celebrate while the rest of us fret! I love the Netherlands! A good friend of mine teaches photography in Leiden. YAY SlyStone!!!!
  5. Ha, thanks for the reality check! Side note, my Fulbright Campus Advisor works in the International Studies department, so it includes international students and student programs for studying abroad. Like most states, NM is in a HUGE budget shortfall, and in turn the University is as well. An international student told me that my university is cutting international exchange programs by 66%! I couldn't believe it. All programs are cutting and being cut, but 66%? I am so disappointed. International students are such an important part of a university community. It breaks my heart. That was about a minute of NOT thinking about Fulbright. I need to go check my email again. Good luck to all my Fulbright-hopeful friends on here.
  6. My advisor just emailed me back and said "Yes, I heard they are sending out notifications on the 21st. So, we'll see." Am I overreacting to assume doom based on his 14 word response?
  7. I emailed my Fulbright Campus Advisor last night, I am hoping he responds in some way that gives me a clue...or maybe he'll just tell me!
  8. This is terrible. I hate waiting!!!!!
  9. I decided that I am not telling anyone about the new date. I figure it gives me time to process or to shock the hell out of them!!!!
  10. So we are going to know if we get to spend the next 2-5 months waiting again in LESS THAN 2 DAYS!!!!!!! OMG. I am going to cry or vomit or both.
  11. Dear Fulbright, Please stop trying to kill me with confusion and anticipation. Thanks, rachaelski
  12. That's true. Wow, less than a week.
  13. Holy Crap! I kind of wish I didn't know that. My panic and impatience are planned out through the 31st. Now I have to cram it into less than a week! Ahhhhhhh And, of course, I will panic if I don't get the email on the 24th. This is sure a curveball!
  14. I'd guess that in your field of study it wouldn't be a big deal. I am in education in the Southwest, and it's not really a big deal here. My advice is to feel it out as you go. If you are at a national conference, dress more conservatively than you would normally (it's always cold at conferences, wear a cardigan).
  15. I am so thankful the semester is starting and that I have a paper to get ready to submit for publication (due on Feb 1) to keep me busy!
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