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  1. i've been at an all time high on skipping classes and putting off work. luckily (actually, unluckily, but in this case) i've had a few personal reasons that would warrant my missing classes and I took professors this semester who i KNEW would understand if I slacked a lot and I also worked really hard in the beginning of the semester.
  2. Thanks for the responses! The concern is simply that I will only be at UChicago for 3 quarters, therefore University housing may just be a hassle to move in and out of 9 months later because Hyde Park simply is inconvenient to the rest of the city. I am not the type of person who studies in the library, it drives me insane. I focus on the little noises (pen clicking, pages flipping, scratching of highlighters) and it drivse me insane more than a constant noise. I actually have to study/write papers with background music or a tv on or something.
  3. I'm currently at Hofstra finishing my undergrad (did all 4 years here) and I have multiple friends in the speech language pathology program. Most of them seem happy, though I don't know any specifics about the program (even though I'm pretty sure they share the building with my department). However if you want any information about the school/living here, feel free to message me!
  4. Hi all! I was wondering who had the experience of making a long-ish commute to their school. I'm doing UChicago MAPSS next fall and am looking for places to move. I haven't been too pleased with my Hyde Park options and would rather live closer to where most of my friends live in Logan Square/Avondale/Wicker Park area. However it is about an hour's busride to campus. I've heard some people like the commute because it gave them undivided time to study and cheaper rent. The downside is I couldn't run home and let my dog out, take a nap or make lunch. Is it 100% necessary to live close t
  5. Keep in mind the 9 people ahead of you on the waitlist likely have other offers and schools they're hearing abck from as well. For all you know, 5 of them could have already written the program off and you're actually number 5!
  6. i've been looking online and i've had a really hard time finding anything with only 2-3 bedrooms. i currently live with 5 other girls and have absolutely no intention of EVER living with more than 2 other unrelated people again, let alone female. nightmare! i live in the hood right now too and pay 3x what my current place is worth because its close to campus and they love ot price gouge us. I'd love to find a place that's actually a nice quality of living and doesn't have that permanent "college house" feel.
  7. Hey all! I had emailed someone about my dog being allowed (he's registered as an american bulldog mix, but people often confuse him as a pitbull so i wanted to make sure he would be okay--they said as long as he's registered under his breed i'm fine! he's such a mush) and I just followed up with them asking about how we go about finding a housemate (random selection by them or we have to have one in advance). I'll let you know what they say! I'm also looking to share a 2-3 BR in the graduate housing, obviously the pet friendly buildings. edit:: if i don't live in university housing, i'l p
  8. i'm in the same situation, and I have a supposedly "aggressive" breed (great dane/ambullyl mix). I'm going to Chicago to find ap lace to live at the end of the month and I'm also going to UChicago. Hyde Park is SO expensive it kills me to pay that rent, I'd rather just sit on transit for 40 minutes in the morning and study on the way there and back! good luck finding a place with your pup!
  9. I'm aware of that, not really sure how that was supposed to assist in my dilemma (whether to contact or not).
  10. I'm waiting to hear back from my final program. There was an acceptance posted on the results page, but no one has claimed it here and has some interesting wording (accepted via website but there's not a website to check). Should I keep sitting tight? I tried emailing the Director of the program (who I've spoken to and met with when I visited, and helped me straighten out a transcript error) and never heard back so I'm assuming I should just do nothing and wait. Should I try my other POI for information or leave it be like my instinct tells me?
  11. I'm in the same (granted less expensive boat). I'm looking at getting a 28k loan to do my masters. I'm not sure there's much I can do for my application package other than get a masters though. Its from a top tier school that has excellent placement in PhD programs from everything I've seen, most getting full funding from a top schools. I'm viewing this as a trade off in the long run. I have no undergrad debt and a new car that I paid for in cash, so I don't forsee any loans in my future. I figure 30k with better odds to get into a grad program that will fund me rather than one I would only ge
  12. was that vanderbilt acceptance anyone on here? it says accepted via website, when vandy only accepts via email and phone (no way to look at the website and see your status). ugh.
  13. I have been doing this as well, primarily because my lease ends on May 31st, one week after I graduate. So it's pretty important that I get ready to find a place as soon as I hear back from my last school and decide between moving to Chicago or potentially Nashville. I also have a large dog so finding housing may be a little more difficult.
  14. ugh i wish my last school would hurry up and make a decision as I will begin moving in less than 3 months. but the grad director is one of my two POIs at the school and I don't want to bother him. silly, but I don't want to affect my chances of admissions there as it is my top choice.
  15. While I understand this is a frustrating process, I think everyone needs to step away from their mindset for a moment and realize their misplaced anger. Frankly, many of you are being very immature. Internet temper tantrums aren't becoming and the energy could be better spent. Ad Coms are people too. They have families, classes, grad students, research and conferences. It's a lot of work. The wait is long and hard on all of us, but I'm sure reading 34 "I first realized I wanted to be (profession) when I was 8 years old" sops is just as painful.
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