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  1. This is what gets me too. It's been such a long process. I feel drained.
  2. No success story here either, just waiting. I have a job interview tomorrow, so that helps me have something to look forward to.
  3. dreamt last night that the school I am on the wait list for, called me and before she could say anything I said "I accept! Thank you!", but thye were asking me to come interview. Then I brought my banjo and started playing. Cannot wait for this to be over.

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    2. NadaJ


      No, I do not own or know how to play a banjo, lol. This is the stress of being on a waiting list.

    3. PsyK


      Haha. I hope the banjo-playing impressed them! Wishing you the best, NadaJ!

    4. IntaTea


      I think this is a sign that you should channel all your nervous energy into learning to play the banjo.

  4. Just realized my wait list letter says Autumn Quarter 2010. Did I get in last year and didn't even notice?

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    2. snes
    3. Zouzax


      you need to accept that offer immediately. it's one thing to say you got into an Ivy league -- it's another to say you got into a program with PSYCHICS!

    4. Neuronista


      hehehe. Well congrats!

  5. I wish I could offer some helpful advice. I was wait listed in late February for the one PhD program I applied to. Both the current and past DGS in the dept I work in (different field than what I am studying) suggested I send one follow-up email saying that I'm interested in remaining on the wait list, and I look forward to receiving their decision regarding my application in April. I used up this "one pass" last week, and here I am, a week later still waiting. I think at this point, we just have to wait. If you have top wait through the summer, maybe once a month? In any case, good luck!
  6. I am 30 and I applied to one school. I am on the waiting list for the PhD, and accepted with nearly full tuition and an RAship for an MA (I am finishing an M.Ed in another field). The school is out of state and we (i.e., my husband) cannot leave unless I am accepted into the PhD program. I am looking for jobs in the field I want to go in, but where I live work is very limited w/o the degree, and I don't want to practice, I want to do research. I am trying to get excited about this plan B, but I'm disheartened.
  7. Loves seeing all the acceptances from the wait list! Gives me hope!

    1. MoJingly


      Grad Cafe-ers rock!

    2. Neuronista


      yes me too ")

    3. IntaTea


      Hope the trend is catching!

  8. This is the true meaning of March Madness...
  9. Just wanted to say I had a dream I was accepted to UPenn and I really liked it. I didn't even apply to UPenn this cycle, so maybe this is a sign I should for next year. In any case, GL to all of you!
  10. So, did you reject the school that didn't offer you funding and you now you feel bad? LOL, I'm sorry, maybe my cynical 30 year old self is showing, but do not feel bad! Like wtncffts said, it's not personal, it's an institution, and they will be able to carry on without you. Go where you like, be civil and kind, and keep it moving.
  11. I believe the April 15th deadline is in regards to accepting funding, and if the school is a member of the Council of Graduate Schools. Check out this link: http://www.cgsnet.org/?tabid=201
  12. Seems like more PhD acceptances are showing up on the results board. Maybe my wait list statius is coming to an end...

    1. PsyK


      Good luck, NadaJ!

    2. NadaJ


      Thanks! I need all the good luck I can get!

  13. From my own experience and reading others experiences on this board, one cannot solely rely on a POI/DGS/etc., until you have an acceptance in writing. Your experience sounds very positive, but unless one person is in charge of admissions, there is an entire committee that must be consulted regarding admissions. So, I would have to say no, this does not sound like an unofficial acceptance; you had a great experience with a POI, and I wish you luck in your application!
  14. I've been thinking about this over the weekend. I am a "waitlister". I only applied to one school/program because of the very small niche of my area of interest. I thought I would accept right away if I were offered a spot in the PhD program, but I don't think I would. It really is a lot to consider--picking up and moving my family, being a full time student, living as a poor student...so, even if I were to be accepted, even now, I would have to really mull it over, and I only applied to one program. So, while I am sitting here, waiting to hear back if I am off the wait list, I totally underst
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