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  1. I'm starting grad school in the fall. I was an 'Apples' major in undergrad and I'm going on to study something like, 'Washington Apples and Grapes'. Just different enough to make me very scared. (I even have to take some undergrad courses in order to graduate -- that's how little I know.) I don't really know what to do about getting ready for school, but I'm going to contact the grad student administrator for some past syllabi over the summer.
  2. I appreciate the difficulty of your situation, especially when I read you have a family. Is your wife's job enough for your family to live on while you're in grad school? A stipend doesn't get you very far. How good are her benefits? How young are your children? These are all questions I am sure you are asking yourself. Like an above poster said, how much you enjoy your job is a consideration. I think for many people, grad school fulfills a long term goal, employment-wise, whereas a job with benefits now fulfills a short term goal -- basically staying alive in this economy. Grad school
  3. CONGRATULATIONS! Put a smile on my face before this long four day weekend of no emails.
  4. Thanks to everyone! Keep up hope. It's not over until the fat lady sings.
  5. Hilarious! There was something Jack Nicholson said in As Good As It Gets... something about when he tries to think like a woman, he does what a man would do, but he takes away all reason and accountability. I don't know if that's offensively funny because it's true or because it's so NOT true. But I like his delivery! Anyway, I think this is a fascinating discussion. OP, can you check back in with us?
  6. Normally, no. But I would try to hand write a card in your situation, as you're going to them again for more letters. I was in the 'gifts for my LOR professors' camp, but if it was inappropriate in my situation (if I didn't know one of them well), I would've gone with a card rather than an email. A card is just so much more thoughtful without being overwrought with emotion, methinks. BUT: When I gave my gifts out, I included a typed note. My handwriting is horrifying. Something to think about.
  7. If we are in the quiet study part of the library and I can HEAR the music coming out of your earphones... you need to turn that shit down. I will physically come over and tell you if you haven't noticed my death stare. Also, don't dance to the music.
  8. It was an email, nothing in it about an actual letter in the mail to come although I expect that it will. I have until May 16 to reply. Anyway, keep checking -- since other people have been admitted before me, I suspect they do a rolling thing. GOOD LUCK!

  9. ohh nvm i just saw you posted on the results board :) guess i'll keep my eyes peeled for an email. congrats again and thanks for letting me know, i had lost all hope :)

  10. congrats! i am really happy for you. i guess there's still hope after all! did you get something in the mail or an email?

  11. Hey -- wanted to tell you that I got accepted into UofOttawa today. My infoweb account STILL has not been updated. Good luck! Rooting for you!

  12. I finally get to post on this forum! First admit. I was at work and doing something so inconsequential I can't even remember it -- probably filing my latest expense report. I saw my blackberry blinking and the source of the email was "artsgrad" and then I looked at the subject line: "OFFER OF ADMISSION." It happened so fast I didn't even have time of process it, I just opened the email automatically and saw the best word ever..."CONGRATULATIONS!". I celebrated by getting hives and throwing up in the bathroom. I'm not kidding. I had five twizzlers, an apple at lunch and two bottles of wa
  13. Want to share a bit of good news -- got into U of Ottawa today. Yes, it's LATE, but it can happen! Don't lose hope. Good luck everyone!
  14. Great story! Good luck to you. Hope you make it out of this alive; I can't imagine the state I'd be in. I imagine someone having to physically sit on me.
  15. Probably not, but I can't say I blame you. I'm speaking as somebody who's on the waitlist for her top choice, by the way. It would be absolutely crazy to accept your safety, give up your spot on the waitlist for your top choice, and then find out that there was significant movement on the waitlist and you COULD have gotten into your top choice and changed the next few years of your life -- or maybe your entire life, as reputation of your PhD school matters a lot in academic job-hunting. I don't know. This is a thorny question. But I will say this -- please don't stay on the waitlist for ano
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