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  1. Congratulations! Did you hear from your undergraduate university that you applied through, or the school at which you indicated you wanted to pursue graduate studies?
  2. It's "mid May" by anyone's standards. I'm watching the twitter feed like a hawk. However, I'm rural so I know it will be a while even after they are mailed. Everyone please post when you get your letter!
  3. My grad coordinator said in past years people have heard in April/May. I know last year was May, but is anyone else starting to get hopeful? I'm already stalking SSHRC's twitter.
  4. That's exactly what I meant, thanks goldheartmountaintop! May I ask, were you still able to apply for TAships?
  5. I have been recommended by my institution for a SSHRC (yay!), congrats to all of you who are also being considered. I was wondering what people know about "clawback" policies. I was informed by Queens that their funding offer would be clawed back 100% of the amount of any external scholarship I received, but in the case of a SSHRC there would be a "Tri-Council top-up" (or something like that). The other offers I received were less specific. Any one have any information on other major institutions (ie. Toronto, UBC, McGill)? If they don't specify should I expect 100% clawback?
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