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  1. Didn't you make one? You said you copied what the class of 2013 did
  2. Then you didn't look in Little Italy, a really nice neighborhood in the tri-Taylor area. Very close to Rush and many girls walk/public bus from there and other neighborhoods (or take the El) to class. Tons of med students and Ph.Ds live in the area and it feels youthful. Rush is definitely a medical center but there's ways to get that "campus vibe." Not many people own cars or use them consistently to get to Rush because public transportation is just sooooo much easier and less of a hassle.
  3. congratulations, everyone! it feels pretty great, huh @trina--you should expect to hear news soon, in about a month or less.
  4. oo, thanks for the up votes! no idea why, though! who's sending out acceptances in Feb.? that's ridiculously early--were the deadlines for these schools in december? that's the only way I can fathom that, unless the adcoms work way overtime! all of my schools were Jan. 1st or the 15th. i'd like to tell you all that some schools can be very forgiving about deadlines, PROVIDED all your other components are in. it's hard for us to control outsiders like prometric (or, ETS, i should say) and absent-minded professors and the USPS and whatnot. the adcoms have been at this for ages, so i feel
  5. Gooooooood question--I don't really know what I'd be doing! I can't imagine being anywhere else Maybe nursing.
  6. @chrysanthemum, yeah, my university has about 500 this year, the grape vine tells me. i do not envy that pool! the CSDCAS deadline is a stupid formality. why they have to make it unbelievably difficult is beyond me. most schools don't look at apps until weeks after the deadline anyway.
  7. i assume you mean 2-3 pages double-spaced. that sounds about right. i definitely would not go on and on--being concise is key. to my knowledge adcoms will stop reading if it's past the specified amount allotted. they have to read hundreds of these, so not following the rules is a GREAT reason to chuck an application in the circular file.
  8. I don't mind if you think I'm a hater. I went through this whole process already and have a good understanding of how it works. I am pointing out that one should think of a personal statement as an interview of sorts. If, at this point in the game, an applicant is having trouble relating their current skills to those of an SLP, then there's no harm in me or anyone else pointing out the reality. That's a fact, not hatred. Regarding Tyler's advice: solid. Good luck.
  9. You know, kinda. I can sleep for 12 hours or sleep for 5 and still feel the same oppressive exhaustion no matter what. I've been on break from university recently and getting plenty of sleep--granted, I don't have work to bog me down right this very second--but I still do not feel any less dreadfully tired. And I really should cut back on my coffee. I just love it though! Maybe decaf. I wish. I do not believe it's burnout because this hasn't been happening to me just lately, but for some time now. And wow--I sure do not get 8-9 hours of sleep a night during school session. I ha
  10. Hi all, Question. What do you all do to increase your energy as a grad student? Lately I just feel so, so tired. It's not a normal tired that some extra sleep or a latte can take care of, but rather a deep feeling of exhaustion that I just cannot seem to shake. I'm talking yawning-on-the-elliptical kind of tired, day in and day out. I seem to feel most alert at about 8-9am, after I've showered and made my way to school to start the day and everything. But by the time 1-2pm rolls around, I start to feel beyond exhausted again, and it lasts all evening, making productivity difficult. I ha
  11. Good luck everyone! FWIW, the earliest date on which I heard back from a school was March 4. And it was good news Some schools take a LOT longer, especially those with Feb. deadlines. It's annoying, but what can you do. Did you all apply to many schools?
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