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  1. can u tell me how their process is/how its more organic?
  2. wait so all hope isnt lost if we havent heard from ucla yet? Ive heard so many things idk what to believe.
  3. wait so are u saying mmet that if we havent heard from ucla its most likely a rejection? Lovely painter, nothing has been finalized meaning.... most decisions have been made but theres wiggle room or they are still reviewing? bah,hhhh
  4. Damnnn Idk maybe by notifications she only meant rejection notifications but she did say absolutely no one. Idk here's to hoping your friend was wrong
  5. I gave in called UCLA grad admissions and asked, they said absolutely 0 notifications have been sent out and they will begin notifying in the next couple of weeks.
  6. is it safe to assume if we havent heard from usc by now we're out? also anyone hear a peep from ucla painting?
  7. Oh man thanks for reminding me, I was about to go check, hahaha. On an unrelated note, I just got an email from TX Tech offering to fly me down & pay for a hotel for me to come visit! YES
  8. Wait, University of Chicago is in the ivy league now??! I wish I'd applied to UofC, it seems perfect.
  9. Ah, okay I see. Then if I were you, I would email in my creative writing sample so they at least have that on Feb 15th and then fedex same day or next day so they get it asap.
  10. I'm 99.9% certain they will accept it. Unless they specify on their website that the application date is NOT the "postmark" date for mailing in things you should be fine. The only time universities will give you a hard time is if they say something like this on their website "MFA applications are due February 15, 2012 (not a postmark date; materials must be received in our offices before or on February 15)." Does the website for this school say that? If so then I might worry, but even then they'll probably be slightly lenient.
  11. I felt this way too and ended up dropping out of my program & switching fields altogether. A few thoughts: 1. It may just be your school and/or cohort. 2. It might be your field. 3. It might be both I was extremely depressed, hated my cohort, grew increasingly apathetic about my subject matter, and hated my school. In the end I just dropped out and switched to painting, which I discovered is what I've actually wanted to do all along. It took me a long time to figure out that what I really wanted to do was leave the program, and a lot of that came from attending counseling. I highly reco
  12. I think it's fine, just mail in the creative writing sample and contact the grad admissions office.
  13. Я также из США, и я учусь в университете Брандейса (но я живу в штате Род-Айленд). Я всегда хотела ноехать в Литву! Как Вам нравиться жить там? Я слышу что Латвии красивая.
  14. I just found out that the school that admitted me (tx tech) will be basically free for me to go! super excited!
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