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  1. I'm sure he'll delete one of them after skimming. It's not a huge problem at all. Mistakes happen- all part of being human.
  2. I feel like everyday has turned into Groundhog Day. Same routine-every day, every week. Just incessant waiting.

  3. I asked people on chat yesterday about this dilemma. I have a recommender who hasn't been replying to my emails, sends in the LORs late- so you get the idea. I don't have a bad relationship with her but she just is unreachable by email. Anyway, she wrote things like "Oh, I know I told you that you didn't have a good chance at ___ (university) but they seemed very receptive to my late LOR. Your chances are better than I thought at getting in". Well, I ended up being rejected and she had been hesitant on me applying there. I wrote to her being rejected at that program and she said "Oh, if I were you, I wouldn't want to get in anyway." She said she turned in all her LORs. I know, for a fact, that one university had asked for 2 letters and I had deleted her name from that list, because it was one less thing to bug her about. So definitely not all schools. However, that's not what worries me. Well, she informed me recently that my wish school had asked her for detailed information after she submitted her LOR online, weeks later. On one hand, it sounds like they're interested but after asking my other fabulous LOR writer who is on the ball and has written amazing letters, she said she didn't get any "detailed information" requests. Does this sound fishy? Or is it a good sign?
  4. No word yet, so I'm going to assume I won't hear word back til Monday.
  5. That makes me feel so much better and the weight of anxiety has lost a pound or two. Thank you all.
  6. How about damn punctuation? I've read thousands of pages where literary characters have conversed in text. You'd think I'd know better. No, you're wrong. Found punctuation mistakes in my writing sample and SOP. "Those apples", instead of "Those apples ," What was I thinking? Still, yet to find an answer. Perhaps, I was on a subconscious, implosive rage against punctuation and its rules. I can only rationalize so much.
  7. Oh, that's very kind of the director. How did she word it exactly? Was it ambiguous? I'm writing to her, as we speak. ETA: I just sent it. My heart is pounding. Breathe, DeWinter, Breathe. *Failed*
  8. Thank goodness! I found another applicant. Congrats on your admissions! However, I've been waiting here as well and apparently we'll find out all the decisions before March 15 (before this Thursday). What do you know about the program? The website looked like it admits a lot of people- unlike OU.
  9. By the way, when did you email her? If it was a week ago, then, hope is lost.
  10. I'm sorry, lekbo806. They're such a tiny program from what I've heard that only 2 slots per genre are open in the Phd field. I'm sure you were a great candidate but due to the tiny size, they can't admit all the good ones. Do you think I should write to the Director as well? I haven't heard anything yet and I hate not hearing anything. I called and was told that the first picks are going out, the waitlisted will hear later and I'm guessing the rejections will be notified throughout the month. It's a tiny program. I'm sure a lot of people (gulp) will unfortunately be rejected. That's nerve-wracking.
  11. Did anyone apply to Ohio U's Creative Writing program this year? Have you heard back? It'd be wonderful to find out. I saw a rejection for poetry (PhD) on the results page.
  12. I didn't get an email back but I'm guessing they were swamped yesterday. Supposedly, it's a huge department so should I follow up? I don't want to be annoying.
  13. My thoughts exactly. I hope someone else made the same mistake, too.
  14. Thanks for the tip. Just emailed it in! Going to wait for a response tomorrow and see what she says.
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