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  1. Has anyone here every applied for or been accepted to the LinguistList summer internship? I haven't heard much about it, but it sounds like a good opportunity to get experience in a different department over the summer between the first and second years of my PhD. The internship page says grad students can apply but the "Get Involved" page doesn't so I'm not even sure if I'm eligible. In any case, I'd be happy for any information, anecdotal or otherwise!
  2. antecedent

    Buffalo, NY

    Hey everyone, I have kind of a specific question about when to start looking for a place to live if I want to have an apartment for August 1st. I was wondering if anyone knows how far in advance apartments usually go up for rent in Buffalo? In Vancouver, for example, if you want to rent for August 1st you need to be looking at places July 1st or you're out of luck. In Edinburgh, though, new (and nice) flats go up for rent every week, so you don't need much notice to move in to a decent place. I'm planning on flying out to Buffalo for a few days to look for a place so I just want to make sure I come at the best time!
  3. yeah it's a requirement for me within the first year!
  4. Very much so. I'm trying to see it as the chance to make my own "home" for the next 5+ years. It helps that I have to switch my legal residency to my new state. I really am moving! I'm leaving my family and my friends from college on the West Coast to move to the East Coast, so I know it's going to be hard but hopefully soon enough I'll have friends and connections enough in my new town for it to feel like home.
  5. Got the same thing from Maryland, finally. That was a long, disappointing process.
  6. I'm trying to 'just do my job' but it's hard to focus
  7. I was hopeful I'd get news this week but nothing so far...Friday, we meet again!
  8. Hey congrats Fuzzy, that's awesome! That's a huge relief, eh? Thanks for your story and your good vibes!
  9. I'm still not sure. At this rate I may be deciding on April 15th
  10. Does anyone have any inspirational stories about getting in off the waitlist that they'd like to share? I could really go for some distraction/delusion right about now...
  11. I followed Fuzzy's advice and emailed the DGS just checking in on the the list and reaffirming my interest in the program. It's the first time I've contacted them since February 24th so I don't think it's too annoying to send a short email just to check...fingers crossed!
  12. Aaaaah I see there was another UCSC waitlist notified yesterday! I'm curious what they said to you, so if you want to talk about it you should message me!
  13. Does that mean you're in at Delaware?? If so congratulations!!!!
  14. Another week of potential phone calls starts tomorrow! I try my best to focus on my work and not think about it, but it's hard. Specially when every day people want to know if where I'm going/if I've heard/etc. Just a few weeks left guys!
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