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  1. It doesn't! I've never heard of a program not accepting anyone because they have an MA (whether from Canada or elsewhere). Half of my cohort of eight has an MA (myself included). By the way, I'm also Canadian, and I'm currently doing my PhD in the US after doing my BA and MA in Canada. Feel free to PM me if you want!
  2. Congrats!! I'm currently in the program (and also specialize in morphosyntax/fieldwork, re: your earlier post about Rutgers), feel free to PM me if you have any questions!
  3. The notifications are coming out slightly later than usual this year. I believe the adcom is meeting sometime mid-next week!
  4. Typically they invite a "shortlist" of students to their open house in March and admit a subset of these students. I'm under the impression that they do this every year (someone correct me if I'm wrong), so, unless they totally changed things around this year, I think your POI was talking about the open house decisions. I guess you'll see soon enough, in any case!
  5. I don't think this is true! Not in my experience, anyway -- I've never approached anyone and I'm also an international student (and I was also accepted to UBC, one of the schools you listed). So don't lose hope!
  6. Sorry for derailing the thread for a sec, but this bothers me and I feel like it should be addressed. Most people do find grad school stressful, especially at first, including people who have already breezed through grad courses as undergrads. The expectations are just different, both from faculty and from yourself, and there's a lot of pressure in doing high quality research while juggling your other program requirements/your life. I would suggest waiting until you've been in grad school for awhile to adopt this kind of attitude (though even then it's still kind of ill-advised). Back to t
  7. I'm a Canadian citizen in grad school in the US. I agree with fuzzylogician on most points, but I wanted to clarify/expand on some things: 1) Here's roughly how the F-1 stuff works: You submit a request for a SEVIS I-20 form and it gets mailed to you sometime in the summer. You have to get it signed at the International Students Office of your school every six months if you're travelling to Canada or Mexico (1 year, everywhere else), and also have to bring this form with you whenever you travel outside of the US. Finally, shortly after you cross the US border for the first time, you have t
  8. International student here! This is correct. Some schools will reimburse you only up to a certain amount (at MIT during my cycle, it was $400 per person), so it won't cover your entire airfare if you're coming from/returning overseas, but works out if you're visiting multiple schools in North America. It's possible that some schools will totally reimburse you regardless of cost, but I haven't experienced this/don't know which ones do. Re: timing of open houses, a lot of depts seem to often plan their open houses so that there's little/no overlap with other depts and occur relatively sequential
  9. Unfortunately, the admissions process there (possibly in many Canadian programs) is a bit different, in that the waitlisted people can be contacted as late as July/August (I know someone who was contacted late summer). Unfortunately, when people get off the waitlist really depends on how the admissions process is going (i.e. how quickly admittees make their decisions and when they inform the department). So I don't think it hurts to leave your application there for now, but do be aware that you could find out ANYTIME, including after April 15.
  10. I guess this depends on what your estimated budget is! I'm living at the Cambridge/Somerville border and I think the prices might be comparable-ish to Allston/Brighton? If so, my room/apartment is on the expensive side compared to most of my classmates', but still affordable enough that my dept's funding package covers all my living expenses fairly easily. Keep in mind that the listings you see now (assuming you're looking for places online, like on Craigslist or whatever) may not totally reflect what you will see during the spring/summer, just because there will be so many (like, SO many) mor
  11. Hi, I did my undergrad and my MA at U of T in a humanities/social sciences department. I chose to go elsewhere for my PhD for various reasons (one being the academic incest issue), but I actually had a really great time in my department and would have been quite happy to stay, so I guess people's experiences vary. I second what a previous poster said above about seeing whether you can meet with a few current grad students in your department. Additionally, some departments pay for potential students to visit, so you could try to set such a visit up and see for yourself what the culture seems to
  12. Longforit, I did my BA and MA at Toronto (I'm now at MIT). Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about the program/the admissions process/the city!
  13. Well, I can't speak for everyone, but I have found that, both times I applied, I applied to way fewer schools than I had originally planned to. Both times it was some combination of money, effort, time, early application deadlines, school getting in the way, second thoughts on research fit, etc. So I don't think there's really anything wrong with planning to apply to 10-12 schools (and in fact it's a good thing because you'll have done research on all these schools), but you might find once you start writing your applications that certain schools on your list just don't appeal to you anymore,
  14. I second 4-5. I applied to only two (partly out of sheer laziness) and waiting was TERRIBLE.
  15. I think I'm looking at a busy summer, so I chose 30-40 hours. I'll be writing my MA thesis and gearing up for a conference, plus I have two summer RA-ships.
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