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  1. @ebihal I got that too and it was just to set up a UCInetID. You'll need your student ID in order to set it up and I had a confusing conversation over the phone about trying to retrieve my student ID. You'll probably need to call and make sure to tell them you're a grad student trying to retrieve your student id. The person over the phone was obviously annoyed with all the phone calls from undergraduate applicants so make sure you say you're applying to the MFA program.
  2. Guess they didn't like my paint cutting! Congrats to those who got interviews to Yale!
  3. Congrats to those who got notified to interview and also got accepted! So good to hear positive news!!!! YAY!
  4. It's too bad that the Jacob Javitz fellowship has decided to stop accepting applications this year. Does anyone else know of possible funding opps for MFAs?
  5. Yup! Ruben Ochoa, What if Walls Created Spaces
  6. No, they don't hate painters but if you look at the faculty, there isn't someone who is strictly a painter.
  7. I'll begin this round and the person who can guess the artist and/or title of the work can post the next! Hope we can continue and let the time pass while also learning about new artists! Hint: UCI and Otis
  8. @clarita - Do you happen to know more about the RA schools and their reputation in London? I noticed that they nominated Tracey Emin as their painting and drawing professor for this year and wanted to get a sense of how serious the program is. I also am a bit confused on how the academicians are included in the program and to what extent is their interaction with the students in the program.
  9. Here are some more to add! http://africa.si.edu/exhibits/gawu/index.html http://www.cherryandmartin.com/artists/nathan-mabry http://www.debbiehan.net/debbiehan8.html http://www.vielmetter.com/artists/edgar-arceneaux.html http://www.wangechimutu.com/ http://www.booooooom.com/2010/12/09/china-china-sculptures-by-ah-xian/
  10. Thanks losemygrip for the encouragement but a lot of it IS the luck of the draw in that these highly competitive programs are looking for criteria that fit a well rounded group of graduates that can contribute to each other's experience. So much of graduate school is having a diverse group contributing to the curriculum with the guidance of the faculty. Most of the graduates organize with the faculty the list of visiting lecturers so each person has to provide a unique and fresh perspective so that everything is balanced. Even having a solid application with outstanding work may not be the win
  11. Thanks Outwest! I don't mind if I have to do this multiple times. I think that over the years, I've built up a thick skin that not getting into a grad program won't do a number on me. I do think that this forum is great and it would be beneficial if schools did utilize this site to their advantage. They could really cut down the amount of emails that they receive from their applicants. I also think that the more informed the applicants are, the better the applicant pool will be. It's always great to find ways to raise the bar for everyone. So for all you guests or edu administrators.... ;)
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