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  1. Congratulations, it's good to know that your story had a good end! Good luck now with your studies!
  2. To begin with, I don't disagree with the other guys. In fact I think that applying to schools that you don't like might turn bad in the end. That's why I said you have to apply to safe schools that you also like. I don't know which country you come from (I understood that you are an international too, am I right?), but one thing you should consider is the extra amount of both time and money you have to spend. Translating documents, validating them, paying expensive shipping fees etc. It is not a procedure you can ignore and since you decided it to pursue a PhD you'd better do it right. I a
  3. Imo you should not apply only to the top30. It is important to have safety schools. If you apply to 15 schools, choose the 5 best, the 5 that you think that are pretty good and have a chance and 5 that you would like to go but are not so prestigious. I applied to 20! last year but I had already discussed with my recommenders this number. In the end it made them a little bit tired, but noone refused to continue, and in most cases you will fill online the majority of their information. So, I don't think that you should be concerned about how arrogant you might look, but if you really have a sh
  4. It seems that you tend to think SB is a better match for you. If this is the case go on, don't hesitate. You will be the one to spend 2 years there, you have to make the decision that feels right. That's how I decided and I think by this way you won't regret it in the end
  5. Hi and congratulations! I happened to visit both universities when I was admitted this year for PhD in computer science. I chose to go to Brown and I will try to explain why. This does not mean that it can be applied directly to your case, it is merely an attempt to help. LOCATION - HOUSING Brown - Lovely campus, very picturesque. Dorms are not that good but they are in the campus and I heard that the rent is about 800 USD. You can also find housing on your own and by sharing a house you can reduce it to 500 dollars or even less. Providence is a really cute town, you can walk almost every
  6. 2100$. A lot of applications, express mails, transcripts to be translated. I hope that I will be able to return this money to my parents soon.
  7. Another one heading for Brown. PhD at CS, yeah!
  8. alexpap

    Providence, RI

    Heading to Providence this Fall for PhD at Brown! I already visited the campus and I really liked it. I am an international student for a much bigger city, but I found Providence charming and unique. My only concern is the freezing cold of New England...
  9. Hello, I have just obtained my Bachelor in Computer Science and I want to continue for a PhD in the field of Computational Biology. As most computer scientists don't know anything about this field I was wondering if you could give me your opinion on this case. I was accepted by UC Irvine and Brown University, both by the CS department (full funded) for a PhD with spezialization in Bioinformatics. Although their work quite differs I hoped that you can help me, especially if you know anything about the faculty members UCI http://www.igb.uci.edu/ Brown http://www.brown.edu/Research/CCMB/ I
  10. Do we know if they are done with the admittances (PhD)? Darn it, they don't reply on my messages
  11. I might sound shallow but keep also in mind the places that these two universities are located. I don't know much about Austin, but seriously I have heard the worst things about Cornell's environment (just think of the rate of students homicides there!). You won't be just a student, you will also live there for quite a time. Anwz, I hope that you choose the best
  12. Show maturity, that you have considered thoroughly before applying that this field is what you like, that you are passionate about research and that you can be reliable when it comes to projects and deadlines. Good luck! You should not only think of how to impress him, it is also an interview for him by you. Keep in mind that you will probably have to work with him for a year (at least). Try to understand if you like him, if you find him nice enough etc. Oh! And don't forget to ask questions. Insist on learning things about his lab/area, you have to show that you are particularly interested in
  13. Today I attended a lecture given by Professor I.Kakadiaris at Houston University http://cbl.uh.edu/ . He said that he was open till June to contact with prospective students (either Master or PhD) assuming that you have convinced him that you worth the chance. I don't know the area that you are interested in, but his general moto was "do what you want, escape from the narrow walls and think out of the box. There are times that you can do what you want without following the standard path. Just my 5 cents. Good luck with whatever you will do!
  14. It's 2011, for God's shake, do they still use snail mail?! Especially for the rejections, do they want to have us wait or to keep the rejection as a souvenir?
  15. I'm really sorry, good luck with the rest of them, don't give up!
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